Your Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Your Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

From Joanna Łałowska

We are purchasing critical goods from international suppliers and bridging them with local authorities in the most impacted areas of Ukraine. And this is our mission. Life's possessions can be rebuilt, life can't.

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Over 10 million people have been displaced from their homes since the  war in Ukraine started. 

The main challenge is to deliver medicaments & medical gear to the most combat affected areas to people and entities in need (with emphasis on eastern and north-eastern parts of the country) and the logistics with shipping the goods through the Polish-Ukrainian border. Even though there is a high volume of international aid incoming to the country, help provided is not sufficient.

We need to act fast, to ensure their situation doesn't worsen. 

The condition of displaced people is getting worse everyday. Access to basic food, shelter and health is crucial for their lives and improving  their livelihood.

We've been "in the field" since day 1 (25.02.2022) helping at the border, in Lviv, Kyiv and Przemyśl and Warsaw train station, providing food supplies and medical help, before World Central Kitchen took over (bless them!). Now we are focusing only on official medical institutions and guerilla stations in combat zones in Ukraine.

We have an Ukrainian network to understand what is needed, and who needs it in real time. 

We have a logistical network of drivers and people able to reach the most needed places in Ukraine. (majors, local activists, truck drivers, territorial defence, local NGOs)

What we need now is MORE medicaments and humanitarian supplies to be shipped weekly, which requires funds for the transportation and logistics.

We are an international group of volunteers randomly met facing the dramatic reality in the Polish - Ukrainian border and beyond, in service of humanity.

Who are we?

Joanna Łałowska - Relief coordinator, connecting people with local organisations, situation assessment

Franciszek Ebert- Logistics coordinator of transport and resource chain, warehouse management

Thank you for all your support and being with us from the beginning of the war.

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