Psalm DAO Media Platform

Psalm DAO Media Platform

From Harry Joseph

We aim to restore power to the people by strategically acquiring resources like media, film, content, companies, and real estate, facilitating universal-based income and wealth redistribution.

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Empowering the Future: Universal Income for Psalm Community Members


Welcome to the forefront of transformative innovation! We are thrilled to introduce you to PSALM DAO's groundbreaking crowdfunding campaign on Fundly. Our main focus is to empower creators, investors, and communities by providing a Universal Income for all community members. Through our three powerful platforms: Film, Media, and Content; Real Estate; and OTC Markets, we're revolutionizing industries while utilizing smart contracts component that ties everything together. Join us in reshaping the world, creating new opportunities, and fostering a fair and inclusive ecosystem that benefits everyone!

Our Vision:

At PSALM DAO, we envision a world where Universal Income ensures financial security for all community members, creativity knows no bounds, investments are accessible, and communities thrive together. We stand for decentralization, transparency, and collective power, and with your support, we can turn this vision into a reality.

The Three Pillars of PSALM DAO:

1. Film, Media, and Content Platform:

With your contribution, we will revolutionize the film, media, and content landscape. By embracing smart contracts, we empower artists to reach a global audience while maintaining ownership of their work. Moreover, a portion of the revenue generated will be distributed as Universal Income to all community members, fostering financial stability and creativity.

2. Real Estate Platform:

Join us in transforming real estate investment! Your support will enable us to acquire, tokenize, and manage multi-family properties, making real estate investment accessible to all. Through smart contracts, we'll ensure that income from these properties is redistributed as Universal Income, providing economic empowerment for the entire community.

3. OTC Markets Platform:

Together, we'll disrupt traditional financial markets! By utilizing smart contracts for marketing, branding services, and market making, we provide a seamless path for companies to access capital and global markets. The revenue streams generated will be shared as Universal Income among community members, acknowledging their essential role in our journey.

Why Support PSALM DAO's Crowdfunding Campaign:

1. Universal Income for All: By backing our campaign, you contribute to a pioneering movement that focuses on providing Universal Income, ensuring financial security and well-being for every community member.

2. Empower Creators and Artists: Your contribution empowers creators to showcase their talents worldwide while ensuring they receive rightful rewards for their artistic endeavors.

3. Accessible Real Estate Investment: Together, we democratize real estate investments, making them attainable for all community members, irrespective of their financial background.

4. Smart Contracts: Join us in utilizing cutting-edge technology as smart contracts, creating a secure and transparent ecosystem that ties all platforms together seamlessly.

How You Can Participate:

1. Make a Participating Contribution: Every pledge makes a significant impact! Your donation directly fuels the development of our innovative platforms and ensures Universal Income for community members.

2. Share the Campaign: Spread the word with friends, family, and colleagues who share our vision of a brighter and more inclusive future.

3. Become a PSALM DAO Community Member: Be actively involved in shaping the platform's direction, ensuring it aligns with the community's needs and aspirations.

Join PSALM DAO's crowdfunding campaign today and let's create a lasting impact together, empowering industries, and building a better tomorrow with Universal Income for the greater good.


Worldwide, a prevailing lack of trust in governments and banking is evident, as people across the globe harbor profound skepticism and skepticism towards the actions and intentions of their respective governing bodies and financial institutions.

Our resolute approach to counteracting this institutional trajectory is embodied in the form of a Global Digital Media DAO Platform, explicitly designed to acquire, and digitize assets with the sole aim of redistributing wealth, income, and power to the people.

We are a truly global movement, with no borders, and we warmly welcome any members of any race, religion, belief system, or political affiliation.


Film, Media, and Content - Finance, Digitize, Distribute, and Stream. Redistribute project Revenues to community members.

Real Estate – Acquire, Tokenize, Manage, and Redistribute Income from Multi-family Properties to community members.

OTC Markets – Tokenize, Market Making, Acquisition Finance, Marketing, Branding Services, and Redistribute Revenue Streams to community members. 


We utilize our communities' Social Media profile platforms as a form of mining for individual income, branding, marketing, and creating awareness for our entire ecosystem of Target Assets. Our personalized QR code payment processing and reward tracking system ensures seamless payments while incorporating the best features from the top 15 social media platforms.


With the aid of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology, we have harnessed the power to engage our global community. 

While the leading social media platforms boast over 1 billion active monthly users, their offerings pale in comparison to the multitude of benefits we provide exclusively to our community members, delivering an unparalleled experience that goes beyond what these platforms can offer.


For every Smart Contract purchase, you also receive an equal amount of universal income when issued. Every community participant has one vote. Must be a community member to participate and have access to the password-protected website backend including receiving all income and profit distributions. 

Embracing the concept of universal income, every member within the Psalm DAO community will enjoy the collective profits and receive a monthly distribution payment, ensuring financial stability and empowering individuals with a reliable source of income.


1. Platform Enhancement and Development (40%): A significant portion of the raised funds, approximately $4,000,000, will be allocated towards enhancing and developing our backend platforms. This includes our Film/Media studio platform, our OTC News/Media platform, and our Real Estate portfolio platform. 

2. Research and Innovation (20%): We recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Therefore, $2,000,000 will be dedicated to Social media mining, which involves identifying, collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of social media data to discover meaningful patterns and insights. These insights can be leveraged for various purposes, including market research, sentiment analysis, trend prediction, customer service improvement, and notably, effective marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

3. Team Growth and Talent Acquisition (15%): To maintain our high standards of service and innovation, we will allocate $1,500,000 towards team growth and talent acquisition. This will enable us to bring in top-notch professionals, developers, and experts in the fields of blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

4. Marketing and Community Engagement (15%): Building a strong community and increasing awareness about our platform is crucial to our success. Approximately $1,500,000 will be used for marketing and community engagement efforts, including targeted advertising campaigns, participation in industry events, and fostering collaborations with like-minded organizations.

5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance (5%): Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, $500,000 will be allocated towards engaging legal counsel, auditing, and adhering to relevant regulations to maintain a secure and trustworthy platform.

5. Reserve Fund (5%): We believe in long-term sustainability and financial prudence. Therefore, $500,000 will be set aside as a reserve fund to ensure the platform's operational continuity and weather any unforeseen circumstances.

By utilizing the raised funds in this manner, we aim to reinforce PSALM DAO's position as a leading decentralized platform, providing cutting-edge NFT technology and smart contract-based Universal Basic Income, while continuously expanding our services to empower creators, investors, and communities worldwide. Your support in achieving this vision is invaluable, and together, we will create a brighter and more equitable future.


To show our appreciation for your support, we have some exciting rewards:

You will be on Whitelist to receive NFT when we officially launch in 30 days on OpenSeas with Minting on our website.

Psalm NFT Universal Based Income in $100 denominations 

  • For a participation donation of between $100-$900, you will receive 1.5X the dollar amount in Psalm NFT, which is the universal-based income component, and an equal amount of future Psalm tokens.
  • For a participation donation of between $1,000-$9,000, you will receive 2X the dollar amount in Psalm NFT, which is the universal-based income component, and an equal amount of future Psalm tokens.
  •  For a participation donation of  $10,000 or more, you will receive 2.5X the dollar amount in Psalm NFT, which is the universal-based income component, and an equal amount of future Psalm tokens.

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