How You Can Maintain Privacy At the Workplace

How You Can Maintain Privacy At the Workplace

From Alex Jhon

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You deserve privacy in the workplace. Similarly, you deserve to have a life outside of your workplace. Though yes, companies do have a right to terminate your contract if you do something adverse, like break the law, that doesn’t mean you should feel like a witch hunt is on you at all times.

It is so important to have boundaries at work. Your habits, opinions, and even what you eat or drink could all negatively impact your career, and that is not fair. So long as you show up and do a good job, and don’t cause a massive media storm, then there should be nothing else that your employer cares about.

Yet today more employers are overstepping these bounds. Ordering drug tests, snooping through social media, and turning over every stone to ensure that you represent your company when you are at home. They do not own your private time, and with this guide, you can maintain your privacy:

Maintain Privacy in the Face of Drug Testing

It is important to realize that the foods you eat could impact whether or not you fail or pass your drug test. You could have never touched an illicit substance and still fail because some foods, like poppy seed bagels, will leave traces in your system that will make it seem like you are an opiate addict. This could be very difficult to disprove after the fact and ruin your reputation or even your career in the meantime.

Though there are ways to substitute your own urine for synthetic urine, that isn’t enough. You also need to know how to keep pee warm. Urine needs to be at a specific temperature in order to be tested. In fact, temperature is the first test.

How to Maintain Privacy Online

Maintaining privacy online is smart both for your career and for reducing the risk of you being hit by a cyber-attack. Following these four steps will help safeguard your private life online:

1.       Delete All Old Accounts You Don’t Use Any More

2.       Change to Private

3.       Change Your Name

4.       Use Privacy Settings

On some social media, for example, you are able to create private friend lists. This way if you are friends or connected through social media with people who don’t want to be, you can restrict their access to the absolute minimum.

How to Maintain Privacy Boundaries

Maintaining privacy boundaries at work starts with you. Having friends that you trust at work with your private life is entirely different than being made to tell all during a group exercise. In order to maintain your privacy boundaries, you will want to:

·         Read Your Contract

·         Assert Your Boundaries

·         Know When to Go to HR

You are not required to divulge your personal information in a bid to bring a team closer. Read your contract, set firm boundaries from the start, and know when someone is crossing those boundaries so that you can go and make a complaint with HR. 

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