How You Can Improve Your Business Presence Online with a Pro

How You Can Improve Your Business Presence Online with a Pro

From Zulfqar Chachar

A recent survey showed that 97% of consumers look online when researching products or services. Taking your business online has become a necessity. If you are not actively trying to establish a stronger business prese...

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A recent survey showed that 97% of consumers look online when researching products or services. Taking your business online has become a necessity. If you are not actively trying to establish a stronger business presence online, as a business owner, you are going to lose out on potential sales and loyal customers. 

So, establishing a positive image and creating a personal brand identity online has been more important than ever. To create an active business presence online, there are various ways like influencer marketing, email marketing, being consistent, posting regularly on social media. But none of this is going to work if you lack the number 1 step, a professional logo. Here you will find out how you can improve your business presence online with a professional logo

Identify Your Target Audience

You cannot create an effective business presence online without understanding your target audience first. This step needs to be done in the beginning. Take time and start identifying your target audience in the initial stages of the planning process. Research and recognize the needs and demands of your target audience. 

You need to find the right people by analyzing the demographics, conducting customer surveys, and watching online trends. As you understand this, make sure to use proper communication channels to interact with the audience. Figure out the places where your target audience hangs out more. Find out what they are looking for. This is the best way to attract their attention and then provide exactly what they need. In the end, you can create a professional logo that appeals to your target audience. 

Create a Memorable Logo

All the elements in the logo should be consistent and attractive enough. It should be unique to stand out in the competition and grab the attraction of your target audience. You only have 3-5 seconds to make yourself seem with paying attention to your target audience’s minds. 

A memorable logo when portrayed on your website, blog, or social media handles will make a great first impression on your target audience. Moreover, it will communicate the values, messages, and mission of the brand with them. 

Choose a Typography That Represents Your Values

Choosing typefaces and how they are arranged is as crucial as picking colors, graphics, shapes, and other design elements. Depending on the way a word looks, your viewers determine how it feels and will eventually judge your logo design. Strong branding provokes an emotional connection in the mind of your target audience. To create a logo  From Logo Generator that stands out, you want typography to strike interest, promote trust and encourage optimism. People are not even actively aware and typography stirs up feelings. 

Typography can be used to communicate the tone of your voice and brand personality. It reflects what your company stands for whether it is playful, classy, elegant, sophisticated, whimsical, or modern. Most importantly, your typography must be eye-pleasing and functional at the same time. Typography choice matters a lot because it impacts user experience and business presence online. 

Pick Colors Wisely

The color of the professional logo design of your brand will determine how it is perceived and has the power to create purchasing decisions. Colors are known to trigger emotions and give meaning to lifeless things. If used consistently across marketing, color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. The right choice of colors will depend upon your industry and target market. For example, financial institutions use blues to communicate trust and security. Food outlets usually go for red and oranges to induce hunger. 

Colors must be picked on the basis of the feeling you want your customers to experience and the actions you wish them to take. Your brand color should tell a story. It should communicate brand values, tell about your brand mission, and should be unique too. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is an important part of a business. In order to create a permanent and positive place in your target audience’s minds by being consistent. Most importantly, the business presence online must be consistent. It helps you to stand out from the competition and stay relevant. Moreover, consistency is the key to making yourself trustworthy adn recognizable in front of your potential customers. 

The logo design of your brand should be consistent with other branding elements like the website, blog, social media accounts, etc. You can use the brand palette while choosing colors for the logo design. Create a professional logo that looks good on your website and matches its style. Furthermore, the logo must have similar values and brand identity as your social media accounts and website to be consistent. 

Use Simple Iconic Element

72% of the best and most popular brand names are made up of words or acronyms. Those names create images in the target audience’s mind using typography. This same thing can also be achieved by using graphic elements, symbols, and icons. 

A visual element will make your logo memorable and recognizable and add interest to your logo. It must grab the attention of a customer for 5-10 seconds so they can memorize it and form an opinion of it.  Some designers choose to modify the text or add a gorgeous icon. You need to make sure that the artwork you use is original and not from any clipart. Otherwise, you strip away all the uniqueness from your perfectly designed professional logo. Human minds are designed in a way that they catch and remember shapes or images better than mere words. So, use this to make your business presence online effective and memorable. 

Bottom Line

A professional logo is crucial to make an everlasting positive impression in your target audience’s minds. It builds trust and makes them comfortable to actively do business with you. Most importantly, a professional logo is necessary to make a good business presence online. Internet is filled with loads of brands and lots of them are fake. Luckily, a good-looking and meaningful logo will make you look trustworthy and worthy of their time and attention. 

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