How to Write a Students' Research Paper about the World's Ma

How to Write a Students' Research Paper about the World's Ma

From Wahad Butt

Real estate crowdfunding is relatively a newer idea in the industry but it’s growing at an exponential rate. Large project real estate investors pool funds from many smaller investors who are willing to own a share in...

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The new idea has opened many opportunities for students to write quality papers about real estate crowdfunding and the platforms involved. For the student’s research paper to be successful, the following ideas will help design and write the best paper. 

Describe what real estate crowdfunding is 

Since real estate crowdfunding is fairly a new concept, most people might not clearly understand what it's all about. Many people understand crowdfunding as a concept where various people join hands to support a project by they will have nothing to do with the benefits. 

Explain that in crowdfunding, the project owner is looking for people to invest in the real-estate project as direct beneficiaries. They might be paid their money back or become shareholders depending on the proposal floated by the investor. 

Writing a well-researched paper will allow a student to get high grades in their academic work. However, an entire paper can become rejected due to plagiarism. That’s why it is important to use the plagiarism fixer by StudyClerk to scan for plagiarism and submit an original research paper. It is another perfect way for a student to train themselves to use their creativity when writing to overcome plagiarism. Original academic work will always be rewarding to the student in terms of excellent grades. 

Describe who the stakeholders are

Your research paper must give details on who is the real estate crowdfunding stakeholders are. This will help show the teacher that you have researched thoroughly and understood the topic well. 

If a real estate crowdfunding project is to be successful, there has to be the project’s sponsor who draws the idea to sell it to individual investors. What connects the sponsor and the investors is the crowdfunding platform and each platform has its rules. 

Describe all about real estate crowdfunding – how it works

The way every point follows each other is important because apart from writing a good research paper, you also want to prove that you understand the structure. The concept of real estate crowdfunding is simple because several individuals buy the idea of a project sponsor and they consolidate funds for the project individually. After all the required money is consolidated, it’s all invested into a single real estate project. 

Describe reasons for crowdfunding 

There are several reasons why real estate sponsors will choose to pool for capital through crowdfunding platforms. The main reasons are because they can widely reach their audience and get capital from a wide range of individuals within a short time. Sometimes money pooled from crowdfunding may exceed the targeted amount, which is always beneficial in case the project exceeds the projected cost. 

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