How to Wear a Dining Jacket For a Fashion Statement

How to Wear a Dining Jacket For a Fashion Statement

From Mathew Philip

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Dining jackets were initially designed as a tool for hunters and fishermen to help them move around the countryside while eating their meals. Although created for a particular purpose, today's dining jackets have become a versatile piece of menswear that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Below are some of the most popular uses for a dining jacket:

A black-tie dinner jacket is a must-have in any man's wardrobe. Unlike many dinner jackets that are meant to look formal, a black-tie jacket makes a great fashion statement. This type of coat is typically worn on black-tie occasions such as the weekends or during business meetings and can be accessorized with white gloves or a bowtie. Another great thing about this type of menswear is that it can easily be worn with a bow tie on top to add more sophistication to your look. Unlike a traditional men dinner jacket, which must be worn with a jacket, a black-tie dinner jacket can be worn with a regular shirt and tie if you prefer.

Because it can be worn with a regular and casual wardrobe, it is a perfect choice for every man who is on the go. Whether you are taking a quick lunch at the local cafe or attending a formal event like a wedding or corporate event, a dinner jacket can easily transition from informal to formal attire with little effort. Since this type of attire is usually paired with a dark-colored or dark-colored trouser or shirt, dinner jackets can easily be dressed up with a colorful cuff bracelet for a more casual look. Of course, they can always be dressed down for the most casual dinner you will ever attend.

Another great thing about dinner jackets is that they can easily be accessorized with your favorite pair of trousers. As mentioned earlier, this type of menswear is usually paired with dark-colored or dark-colored trousers or a white-colored jacket. This allows you to easily change your look at the drop of a hat by adding a bright bow tie. A large bow tie is also an ideal accessory if you are attending a formal dinner in a fancy restaurant. If you do not want to buy a bow tie, you can always use a thin, dark-colored cuff bracelet instead.

A dinner jacket can also be worn as a more casual but still smart statement piece. To achieve this look, you will need to wear a pair of dark-colored or black trousers. Pair these trousers with a thin, dark-colored, and formal bow tie or a thin, solid-colored necktie. You can also choose to wear a belt over your trousers. For a smarter but still bold statement, you can wear a belt that is bigger than your trousers.

Like many of the other menswear accessories, a dinner jacket can be bought or made depending on your preference. It can be purchased ready to wear or made to measure. Ready-to-wear dinner jackets are available in various sleeve lengths, sleeve widths, and collar styles. Ready-to-go dinner jackets can be a great way to dress up your favorite evening dress and make a bold but sophisticated statement.

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