How to use Bot Commands in 2020

How to use Bot Commands in 2020

From Mathew Philip

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This list comprises the procedure of how to use Bot Commands to control Music Bots. It is now possible to use bot commands privately as messages. Every command has its prefix that you can configure. On this page, we will for instance assume that your prefix as per the default is! The requisites parameters are often indicated using < and >, and the other optional parameters will be indicated using [and] below are the main steps how you can use discord radio bot commands;

[Command]! Help - You will print one list with commands, or information about the commands if there are specifications.

<Query/URL>! Play - search audios from a specified URL and play, you can upload them from YouTube and queue them.

! Queue - put all the queued media on display.

! Skip - You will have the option to ‘Vote to skip’ there is a requirement of Skip/Skips ratio that is designed and set to configure the files. Then the bot owner will immediately skip while using! Skip f

! Search [service] [#] <query> - This option helps you search for specific services or queries. It gives the user the option of adding more songs to the queue.

! Shuffle - For shuffling the songs on the queue.

! Clear - For clearing the queued songs.

! Pause – For pausing current playing media.

! Resume – for resuming the current song.

! Volume [Number]- for setting bots volume for everyone. It is always a number ranging between 1-100.

! Join server- it gives a URL that can easily be used to link a bot to a different server.

! Leave server – This is for forcing the bot to logout from the server, it is compulsory to specify either the Id or the name of the server.

! PIdump- This one serves the purpose of collecting URLs from either YouTube or Soundcloud sets dumping all of them inside the text file placing them into an auto playlist.

! Setavatar- servers the purpose of changing the avatar of the bot to the uploaded images or specified URL, there is no need of specification whether the upload was due to the command.

These bot commands are specified for people that have little knowledge of python how it works, and how it develops bots. Dev. is very much restricted and can only be accessed as granted options after selecting behind additional permission. It is not advisable to run any of these commands unless you have knowledge of how they are done, this is because they have potential consequences, and they can be very harmful.

·         ! Breakpoint- this is for activating a debug of a breakpoint.

·         ! Objgraph– for returning an object of the graph.

·         ! Debug- for evaluating arbitrary code. This one is not that much advisable as it is a very dangerous command.

The best and most common music bots have the ability to work with two products and those are Discord and Telegram.

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