How to use a router to monitor websites that are viewed

How to use a router to monitor websites that are viewed

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The Internet is the best way to keep connected with the rest of the world. It gives us essential information within a fraction of seconds. However, many websites can spoil the decent minds of your child. Some sites are meant only of adults and contain adult-rated or pornographic contents. That is why we need to track such online activities and monitor the websites that are being viewed by our kids. There are several ways to restrict access to such sites. But the most effective way is to block them from the router's configuration page. Parents often are worried about the usage of the internet by their kids. They want to prevent them from watching adult content. Let us know how to use a router to monitor visited websites to track the online activities of kids or office staff.

Advantages of Using routers to monitor internet activity:-

  • No need to download additional software on every device: - Using internet activity with software involves the installation of software in every device, which could be cumbersome at times. Hence the most effective way of monitoring the online activities on the wifi is to access the router configuration page.
  • Keep an eye on connected devices: - Sometimes, our wifi password is not secure, and people nearby are connected somehow. That is why we need to keep track of our data usage through our known devices and restrict the connection of unknown devices. The router can perform this task if they have a strong password in encrypted format for connecting any device to the internet using wifi connection.
  • Protect your kids to access pornographic contents: - One can also block specific websites if they see that those websites can potentially harm the decent minds of their children. The router configuration page helps us understand the sites that our kids visit and spend time on the internet.
  • Kids often make friends through social media without even knowing about identity and purpose to save kids from cyber bullies and cybercrimes. These can be spooky users who can bully your child and abuse them on social media. You can monitor their activity with the parental control features from the router configuration page as well. Different routers have different procedures to access these features.

Steps to use the router to monitor websites that are viewed

The necessary steps to monitoring a website that is viewed through the connected devices are as follows:-

  • Open the browser and go to the router configuration page.
  • Type in the admin credentials like username and password to login to the router configuration page.
  • You can view the list of all connected devices. You can go to the log settings to see the wifi internet activities of particular devices.

Note: - The router configuration page can be accessed by typing the router configuration IP address on the web browser, which is different for different companies. For British telecom or BT router, it is

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