How to Understand That It’s Time to Refresh Your Shopify Web

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After creation and even promotion, the site tends to peak traffic for a certain time. If you advertise it for some time, the number of visitors and clients grows. But then something happens. For example, if a site specialist leaves or you no longer have enough time to update it, the site is slowly abandoned, and competitors do not sleep. For some time, the site moves by inertia and fulfills its functions, but then it gradually declines in search results, and the number of views constantly decreases

The problem that the Shopify store is outdated is widespread. However, there is no need to worry about it if you have a professional team assisting you. DigitalSuits is the right one to help you. They provide Shopify development services and other forms of digital transformation for businesses. 

Remove Unnecessary Stuff

Indeed, during the site's existence, a lot of information has accumulated there, most of which is no longer relevant. If the information is not relevant at all, do not be afraid to delete it. If this information can be updated and supplemented, then this should definitely be done. This page is already in the search; someone may have linked to it, and it gives you visitors.

Take a look at Google Analytics and see which pages of the site are visited the most. This will help you understand what can be safely deleted and what should be left and possibly reworked. If you don’t have an attendance counter, install it. It’s clearly not worth deleting everything thoughtlessly.

Update the Rest

Look closely at what's left on the site and compare it to your company's current position. You may have rebranded and must update your logo, name, and corporate colors. Your company may also have changed its address and telephone numbers; be sure to replace all contact information with the current one. 

Your list of services or goods may have changed, or prices may have increased due to the economic crisis, be sure to check everything so that awkward situations do not arise in the future when communicating with a client unless, of course, the surprise turns out to be pleasant and the prices do not change downward.

Improve the Site as You Go

Nothing is perfect, so don’t get hung up on the design because constant improvement and rework can get boring and disappointing and make you want to abandon the site where it was all along.

Also, ask some family members, partners, and, most importantly, a web developer company to look at your site. Listen to all comments with a cool head and correct any issues as necessary.

Digital Solution for Business

If you decide it would be easier to create a new website on the same domain than to remake an old web resource, DigitalSuits will always come to the rescue. You can build and fill a turnkey website with their help. They will transfer all the most critical information, save or change the design, and help with advertising and promotion.

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