How to Travel Through Venice Without Your Luggage

How to Travel Through Venice Without Your Luggage

From Faisal Khan

Whether you're new to traveling or you’re a professional who’s traveled to every country in the world, the topic of luggage is likely a dilemma for you. When traveling,

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 you have to pack a variety of items, from toiletries to clothes to a book to read. All these things can add together, causing heavy duffel bags, suitcases, and backpacks. 

Who enjoys carrying around heavy luggage while trying to sightsee and enjoy the city? Probably not you! Read on to discover how to travel through Venice without your luggage.

 Is it Possible to Travel Without All This Heavy Luggage?

Yes, it is possible to travel without the luggage! With the use of luggage storage, you don’t have to carry around the clothes, toiletries, and entertainment from your entire trip! You can enjoy your trip accessory-free while knowing your belongings are in a safe location. 

And, it only takes four simple steps!

  • Search locations you plan on visiting 

  • Book your luggage storage ahead of time online

  • Drop off your items

  • Enjoy the city!

Luggage Storage in Venice

Let’s discuss how to find luggage storage in Venice to make the most out of your trip! There are several tips to be aware of, questions to ask, and things to think about. 

There are several questions to ask yourself in order to pick a storage location that is safe, reliable, and convenient.  

We all have valuables when we go traveling. Whether it be a favorite watch, a camera or iPad, or even money we want to leave with our luggage, it’s important to know it’s in a safe location. Without knowing this, you will likely be stressed during your traveling adventures. Do your research and pick a place wisely.

Ask yourself how long you need to store your luggage for. Do you need it kept for a day, a week, or even a month? Most likely, you only need short-term storage as you take a day trip to the Padova Train Station or San Marco. However, you may need it kept for longer. This is possible in most cases. Make sure to check with your individual luggage storage to see if there is a limit on length of stay. 

In addition, there are endless locations when it comes to good storage. Consider some of the following sightseeing locations with local and convenient options nearby:

  • Piazzale Roma

  • Padova Train Station

  • Venezia Mestre

  • Venice Marco Polo Airport

  • Venice Train Station

  • San Marco

  • Others

Whether or not you’re an avid budgeter, you likely sat down and planned out a budget for your trip. You took into account costs of housing, transportation, food, drinks, outings, etc. However, you may have failed to add in the cost of luggage storage.

When planning out your trip, consider this an important aspect to your budget. Storing your luggage will take away the frustration of carrying heavy baggage, will ease the stress of keeping up with every purse and duffle, and will make your trip more enjoyable overall. It’s totally worth the money, but only if you provide yourself with the budget to do so. 

While luggage storage isn’t a necessity when traveling, there are many benefits to getting it. Let’s discuss some of them here:

Picture yourself carrying around your backpack, a suitcase, and a purse or extra bag while trying to see the city. This likely sounds a bit stressful and unappealing to you. This is why storage is the perfect fix!

How easy is it to misplace or lose luggage during a lot of travel? If carrying around several bags, you are likely worrying about something going missing or getting stolen. With the use of luggage storage, you can take only the necessities with you while sightseeing and safely pack away the rest. 

When it comes to luggage storage, the ability to book ahead of time as well as the endless locations makes it an easy and stress-free process! Who wouldn’t want this!?

The Take-Away

Now that you know all about luggage-storage while traveling, it’s time to start planning your trip! Create your budget, mark your locations, book your storage spaces, and begin your adventure. Imagine the fun that lies ahead!

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