How to survive solo mode in call of duty warzone

How to survive solo mode in call of duty warzone

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You will need to know how to survive the call of duty warzone solo mode from vehicle to equipment before thinking about utilizing the warzone cheats. Call of Duty Warzone is one of the Battle Royale genres which has taken everyone by storm.

Incorporating the fast-paced gameplay of CoD with the genre’s open-ended sandbox, BR, and FPS fans, all have tried on this mode, which is frantic for the game. The following are some of the tips which can help you be at the top of the game.

Buy UAVs

Having information is very important when it comes to Warzone, but it becomes even more critical when playing solo. The high alert perk, sensor, and the UAVs will significantly help you to be able to stay on top of the position of the enemy. The UAVs tend to be more robust when it comes to solos than groups because you don’t have to share money with a team.

Considering the money in Warzone, it might be easy funding a UAV or using Warzone cheatseven after obtaining a Loadout Marker. The killstreak can come in clutch during the final minutes of a match in Warzone when the ring encloses in a smaller area. 

Suppose you can have the opportunity of remaining near a Buy Station during the final rounds. In that case, you need to purchase UAVs, utilize it, and repeat at least twice so that you a UAV that is advanced that apart from ghost others, the ghost users will not be able to hide from it.

Complete recon contracts

Because you don’t have to split your money between a team, you might see it wise to pass on complete contracts. It might not be further from the truth, especially when it comes to recon contracts. They require you to be able to ensure you capture a nearby location randomly on the map.

Apart from being rewarded with some loot,  it will ensure to reveal the next location ring. It is information that is invaluable so that you plan your method of attack using the Warzone cheats. You can chain the contracts in learning the final location of the ring as well, which allows you to be able to hunker down at a particular location, taking down any approaching players.

Utilize a medium to long-range weapon

Even in solos, close-quarters engagements still do happen, but they tend to be less common than the sniper duels or those who use vehicles. To use a weapon that tends to excel at medium long-range is an idea that is great to deal with the rooftop campers.

Equip anti-vehicle equipment or weapon

The second player you are likely going to face is worse,  the vehicle users. It is impossible to utilize your bullets in attack as they will not do anything to a truck that will be moving straight towards you.

That is where you can utilize the Warzone cheats as solid choices to enable you to counter the players. 

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