How to Stand Out from the Crowd while Crowdfunding

How to Stand Out from the Crowd while Crowdfunding

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There’s so many ways to raise funds for your project or business that it can be difficult to uncover which of the methods suits you best. Different approaches can produce vastly contrasting results depending on your tactics, goals and even your own outlook. Crowdfunding can be a hugely effective way of fundraising for your project, business or cause as well as bringing it to the attention of those you want to reach.

Such an efficient method of achieving these two goals at once cannot come without plenty of hard work, dedication, research and refinement.

Here are some useful tips and tricks to use in order to stand out from the crowd while crowdfunding for your project.

Set Clear and Achievable Goals

When organizing your fundraiser, it’s important to have a good idea of the stages you want to meet along the way. Striking a balance between setting yourself up for success and setting yourself up for disappointment can seem like a difficult line to follow, so give yourself time to carefully consider each milestone and how you plan to achieve it.

Don’t set your sights so high that they will be impossible to reach within your time limits. However, you also don’t want to fall into the trap of not giving yourself or your project the credit it deserves by aiming for an achievable goal. Once you’ve reached it, then you can start to push above and beyond.

Equip Yourself with Valuable Skills

When your project has taken over most of your time and energy, it’s easy to become distracted and lose track of/faith in the skills you already possess. While busy outlining your fundraising goals, you may have forgotten that your own abilities in other areas can help to produce results. For example, teaching yourself a new language or saving money by doing your own brand design can reinvigorate your passion for the project, while helping to achieve more. Find a business administration degree online or learn a useful software in order to increase your skill level and make yourself more effective in achieving your goals.

Focus on Unique and Quality Visual Branding

Two businesses with the same product can achieve unbelievably different results thanks to their brand identity and visual tone. A restaurant with an excellent team of chefs and cooks might not see the recognition it deserves if its store front is shabby and uninviting. This applies to most aspects in life since humans tend to be highly visual creatures. Use this to your advantage by making your project as visible and charismatic as possible. Choose your color palette, logos, iconography, fonts and layouts based on the message you hope to convey to an audience.

Take the time to contemplate your project and what it stands for before attempting to pin it down with the appropriate visuals. Take inspiration from your work, avoid taking a shine to a particular visual style and forcing your project to fit that. It might seem like a small aspect of your overall project, but a strong brand identity with high-quality visual elements can elevate it to more than you might ever have anticipated.

Use Your Imagination

Don’t limit your project by thinking too restrictively. Of course, careful budgeting and planning are both hugely important, but let your imagination run wild, at least at the beginning. This will give you valuable insight into which direction you are hoping to take your work. Once you’ve exhausted your imaginary options, select the most appealing and whittle them into something realistic and workable.

Understand and Use Your Audience’s Preferred Communication Style

You won’t reach a younger audience by relying on email campaigns in the same way you can’t guarantee reaching an elderly audience through social media. Research the different methods of communicating with the people your project hopes to target, and learn the intricacies of each one’s etiquette. Take the time to use different platforms to get accustomed to their differences. Make sure to include calls to action and links to your fundraising page without coming across insincere or inappropriate. Frequent users of different digital communication types can sense disingenuousness from a mile away.

Stay Focused

As you reach each stage of your crowdfunding plan, you may become distracted by new possibilities that weren’t present at the beginning of your project. Thanks to your increased funds, you may be tempted to start reimagining your project and adding elements you hadn’t considered previously. While this can sometimes work in small doses, it can also threaten the strength of your work. Staying focused on your initial goals while being flexible and open to new opportunities can be tricky to balance, but tread lightly and you’ll see progress.

Learn from Others in Your Field

No matter how unique your project, it is likely that something similar exists out there too. Seek out your potential competition or collaborators and take note of what they do differently to you. Are they succeeding or failing? Why? All these seemingly small details serve to teach you how to refine your own project’s approach to any number of problems. You can learn from the mistakes of others before falling into them yourself.

Take Inspiration from Outside Your Field

It’s not just within your own area of expertise that you can uncover valuable lessons; completely unrelated fields might have solutions to problems that are so far removed from your own project they just might work. With cautious creativity and resourcefulness, you can take inspiration from other areas and apply it to your own.

Take a Step Back for a Fresh Perspective

After working hard on your project for hours, days, weeks or months, you’ll start to become bogged down by the details, and perhaps start to feel trapped by any arising issues. Work hard to remove yourself from this mind maze and refocus your attention on something else for a day or two. After this short break, return to your project with fresh eyes to appreciate your new perspective.

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