How to set up a car fundraiser- Consider 5 Things

How to set up a car fundraiser- Consider 5 Things

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Set up a car fundraiser and 5 things you should consider before doing so

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As the economy sags, people's driveways are not the only thing going to pot. Also, people's diets, health, and relationships are all taking a hit, and it is really hard to ride out the storm. The simple reality is that there is a lot of reasons why people cannot pull themselves out of debt and get back on track, and most of those are caused by money. So, maybe what you need is a car fundraiser: a way to raise money for your organization that gets you non-tax-deductible donations from your community. We also share some tips on how to get great results with a second-hand car instead of using a brand new car with some of these car care tips by Schmicko Automotive.


We can fathom why some car owners would prefer to sell their cars. It is the second-highest expense for a household behind your real estate most often, and when you get into the details, the cost is often more than the car is worth. Car donation programs are becoming a popular way to raise money for your organization, school, or non-profit. Many people simply sell their cars for money to be given to their cause. While this can be a great way to help raise funds for your organization or school, you will want to make sure the program you choose is safe and easy to use for donors.


1. How to set up a car fundraiser

 Source a car. Some dealerships may want to go in partnership of which they will take some of the proceeds of the car, but also offer their car out of goodwill at a much-discounted price for this humanitarian effort. You can alternatively, have it sourced privately from an auction house and hire a car detailer to make it look showroom fresh and shiny. If you cannot source a brand-new car, then the next best bet is to make it look brand new.


2. How to get prizes for the car fundraising event

 Sell tickets and raffles for money as a way of entering the competition sponsorship. People can donate their interest. Move it online to a platform like Fundly to help broaden exposure to a wider market using the network power of the internet. This also allows you to obtain international exposure and participation too, instead of awarding the car you could offer digital goods or merchandise for any applicants to help a great cause.


3. How to get the word out about the car fundraiser

 Use the local community and social media to Share your online car fundraising event. Reveal a catchy story that will capture the attention of many.


4. How to get sponsors

 Search online and visit face to face between car dealerships, auction houses, and car groups on social forums who would love to support your cause and at the same time gain advertising exposure for their own brand name. A win-win situation if you ask us.


5. How to get the word out about the sponsors.

 Local community boards are great options to get a more local effect and chances are, your local supporters would be aware of who you are and therefore have that personal touch. For greater exposure, nothing beats the internet and social media in this day and age.


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