How to sell custom plush toys for Valentine’s Day

How to sell custom plush toys for Valentine’s Day

From Faisal Khan

After a lull in spending during January, February is the month when people again open their wallets.

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 It is the month of love, and people buy gifts for their loved ones. Custom plush toys are one of the top-selling products during the period. Many businesses take advantage of the opportunity to make sales and earn huge profits. The celebrations go for an entire week and have one day when people gift plushies, especially teddies. The market has tremendous potential for online and offline sales. If you sell toys, you must use them. 

Custom plush toys market: 

When people think of plush toys, they often think of stuffed animals from their childhood. If you are a regular person, you must have played with them. But, they are not solely for children. Much market research has shown that people form an emotional bond with them, and it is not uncommon to find a plush toy in the basement or attic. Many find them comforting and sleep even after growing up. 

The US plush toys market is a multi-billion industry with products like educational toys, dolls, animals, teddies, and many others. We know them by several names, such as stuffed toys, stuffed animals, soft toys, cuddly toys, plushies, etc. Although they sell steadily throughout the year, the demand is high during February, i.e., for Valentine’s day. In 2022, plush toys in the US accounted for 1.25 billion dollars. Out of those, about 13% were teddies during the occasion.  

Gifting soft toys to showcase your love has become a tradition over centuries and people, especially women, expect them. They make for lovely gifts, no matter how long you are dating. 

  • People do not have to worry about going something wrong with custom plush toys or the person not liking them. They are one of the safest gifts that most people love. They come in all shapes and sizes and fit every budget. 

  • Often people propose on the day, and custom plush toys are gifts to accompany the other items, including expensive rings. 

  • They have different varieties, sizes, and colors. Many want something unique and not only pink or red teddies or hearts. You can be the one to provide them by customizing plush toys in various designs. 

Tips for custom plush toys

  • Prepare in advance: Successful sellers know that preparation is vital for any big season. Custom plush toys are complicated items that take time to design, create samples, revise, produce, and ship. The season can be busy. It becomes challenging to find a high-quality supplier or manufacturer. And, if they accept the order, you might not get them on time. Consider the marketing time - you want at least 2- weeks of promotion to reach customers and do not want to end up with unsold inventory. So, if you have a business, now is the time to start. 

  • Dip in the theme: You have to stand out from the competition to make a profit; you will not be alone, and many others will sell custom plushies during the period. You will compete against big businesses with deep marketing pockets. Quality and uniqueness will be your allies. But, it requires some thinking ahead. Try brainstorming with your team - friends & family if you are a solo entrepreneur - for a few unique ideas. Do not limit yourself to only bears and hearts; use your creativity and go through various sites to come up with interesting plush toys. It takes a few design changes to customize the perfect stuffed toys. Red is the color of love; make use of it. But, also try a few other colors and shades. 

  • Attention to packaging: Change the packaging for the period and use colors and materials to make them worthy of the occasion. Use similar themes for physical stores and websites to celebrate. A few minor tweaks can go a long way to show your clientele that you are paying attention to the occasion and their needs. It will also add credibility to your business; people will develop positive feelings, and you will benefit in the future. 

  • Discounts and freebies: People love offers and deals; use them to attract more customers. Offer a small rebate of 5-15% for a limited period and during the initial days. You do not want to make people feel cheated who purchased early. Create a gift box with similar items like custom plushies, flowers, chocolates, and cards, and throw in a minor product like custom keychains. It does not cost much but will make people appreciate your business. 

  • Include everyone: It is the season of love, but love has not only to be romantic. People love their friends, family, or any other. Use marketing strategies to include everyone in your promotions for plush toys. For example, if someone knows a person who loves dogs or cats, they can give them custom plushies. The world has changed, and inclusiveness is the key to a successful business. Keeping your focus only on couples is not an excellent strategy. It can make others feel unwanted. Self-love campaigns are also valuable in attracting attention.  

  • Organize events to market the plush toys for the occasion. It helps to get attention; you do not have to spend much and can organize an online event for free. Contests also work well; ask people to take part in fun contests and have a chance to win custom plush toys for their loved ones. For example, teddy bears in three different sizes for the top three participants. Keep the mood festive and light to get the most out of it. 

  • Social media: Valentine’s day is tremendous online, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Get the word out by leveraging the platforms. Use high-quality pictures of your custom plush toys and ask customers to post their photos - user-generated contents work well.  

  • Sufficient inventory: Many businesses order fewer custom plush toys thinking they are seasonal items. However, the demand for stuffed toys, even teddy bears, is steady throughout the year. It is not like people will suddenly stop loving; they are one of the first choices whenever someone buys gifts when they date. The demand also goes high whenever a new romantic movie is released, and the price per unit is pretty low when you order in bulk; it is a win-win for your business. 

Ready to sell on Valentine’s day: 

Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity to sell custom plush toys. However, it is challenging to get high-quality items during the rush. It is better to avoid the hurry and start preparing now. Having a reliable manufacturer helps you to concentrate on the marketing and other vital things. EverLighten has helped several startups, large brands, sports teams, celebrities, and individuals for eighteen years. 

Allison Beck - Program Manager, EngEDU - of Google reached EverLighten for custom plush toys for their event. They had contacted several manufacturers previously but were dissatisfied with the quality - they have high standards that are challenging to meet. The deadline was also short, and they wanted two different sizes, which made the task more difficult. However, our team is renowned for hard work and for going the distance. We delivered the order before the event with 100% satisfaction. 

Know how we made custom plush toys for Google,

Customize plush toys with EverLighten this Valentine’s: 

Best pricing: We customize plushies in our factory, which helps customers to get the best prices.

Premium quality: Customers get custom stuffed toys with the best materials, production, and packaging. 

Timely delivery: Our factory helps deliver every order in the minimum time.

24*7 service: Customers can contact the support team anytime for their queries. 

Customer-focused: We love helping people create their dream toys.

Unlimited customization: Customers can customize every aspect of the custom plush toys - materials, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. 

Minimum order quantity: EverLighten offers the lowest minimum limit in the industry; customers can order as many toys as they need. 

Worldwide delivery: EverLighten delivers worldwide, and you can track the orders with an online tool. 

For more information, inquiries, and orders, visit 



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