How to score well in Physics Class 11 Final exams?

How to score well in Physics Class 11 Final exams?

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Know the exam pattern and syllabus

Physics is a concept-oriented subject. To score high marks students must become familiar with the Physics Syllabus and exam pattern. The exam pattern in class 11 final exam is very similar to the 12th standard board exam in terms of the choices in the paper, question-wise breakup of marks and the number of questions. The exam pattern of CBSE Class 11 Physics exam is explained below to make students understand the latest exam pattern of the board paper.

As per the exam pattern, the total marks is 70 and the total number of questions asked in the exam are 26. Students are suggested to understand thoroughly the exam pattern and the syllabus before taking up the examination.

Focus on important topics

Students are always expected to focus on every individual topic to secure high marks in the exam. But they must also give additional attention to all the important topics of the physics exam. Some of the major topics of physics class 11 are given below.

  • Work, Energy, and Power

  • Thermal Properties of Matter

  • Rotational Motion

  • Thermodynamics

  • Kinetic Theory

  • Gravitation

  • Laws of Motion

  • Waves

Students are suggested to stress more and allot more time to these topics as they can help them get some crucial marks in their examination improving their overall grades.

Follow a timetable

Physics is a subject where you can score well by following a well-devised timetable is very important. After completely understanding the 11th standard final exam pattern and the syllabus students must prepare a study strategy or a timetable to carry on with their preparation. They should allocate the correct time for all the topics in the exam along with small study breaks. Students should allocate more time for the important topics as well as for working problems, practising question papers and for revision.

Practice question papers

One of the best ways to prepare for the CBSE exam is by practising CBSE sample papers and previous year question papers. Students are suggested to answer CBSE Class 11 Physics sample papers and various previous year question papers weekly to prepare for the exam more effectively. By going through these question papers students will get a clear idea about the question pattern, the marking scheme and the question weightage of the exam paper. It will also help them shortlisting the important and difficult topics of the exam. Students should solve the CBSE Physics question papers on a daily basis which will boost their preparation tremendously.

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Revise properly

The last few days before the examination is one of the most tension-filled days in a student’s life. Students should not worry too much about the exam as they will only bring unnecessary panic to them. They should utilise this time in reviewing all the topics of the physics class 11 syllabus. They should revise all the important formulae and theories on a daily basis so that they can recall them during the time of their exam. Revising will also give them extra confidence which will help them to write their exam more effectively.  

These were some tips to prepare for CBSE Class 11 Physics Exam and ace them like a pro. Students preparing for Class 11 physics exam can follow these strategies to prepare for their exam more effectively thereby obtaining more marks. Do not forget that Physics topics like the electric current, Ohm’s law, gravitation, are quite interesting with proper study.

Study materials for Physics Board exams

NCERT Solutions:

Prescribed by the board itself, NCERT solutions are one of the most reliable study materials for board exam paper. Vedantu Physics Class 11 solutions provide you with accurate and precise solutions for all the questions. 

Previous years question paper:

Solving previous years’ question papers must be your top priority to get proper practice before the actual board exam. Solving them will give you a proper idea about the important topics, frequently asked questions and the marks weightage for each and every topic. 

Board Sample papers:

Sample papers are prepared strictly based on the board exam paper pattern. Practising these sample papers will help you to learn time and pressure management. It helps you to train your mind to be able to remember the right answer even under pressure and perform exceedingly well. 

Conclusion : 

Class 11 is a very important exam for students. They form the base for the Class 12 Board exams. Excelling in them is very much necessary to be able to easily choose the right professional course. Performing well in the final physics exams becomes very easy by following a few simple steps as mentioned above. Having a good base in class 11 also means your foundation is strong allowing you to perform better in competitive exams as well.

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