How to recover bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

How to recover bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

From Afzal Butt

Do you need a company that can help you recover your cryptocurrency ? Be it a scammer or fraudster? forgotten password or lost backup phrase? You are on the right track. Recovering your money or fund is easy with Th...

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Do you need a company that can help you recover your cryptocurrency ? Be it a 

scammer or fraudster? forgotten password or lost backup phrase? You are on the right 

track. Recovering your money or fund is easy with Thevipecovery. For those who know 

and those who don’t, Theviprecovery has helped thousands of people globally to 

recover their previously lost bitcoin, ethereum, monero, other funds or asset with ease. 

This team boasts of highly skilled and experienced field expert in the recovery of funds 

and assets using modern technology. To contact, visit or 

alternatively, reach them by email via

What is cryptocurrency? 

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset or virtual currency, often volatile, that can be used for 

the settlement of finances and is powered by a technology known as block chain. 

Cryptocurrency has been existing for a while but happens to be making gains day by 

day especially with the recent surge that drove the prices in lump-sums. A very popular 

cryptocurrency among these digital currencies is bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 and can be sent from 

one person to another through their wallet address and is powered by the blockchain 

network. Bitcoin, is as of today, is the most popular cryptocurrency by market 

capitalization.Bitcoin is often employed by various people for various reasons including, 

settlement of payments, store of value, currency and e.t.c

How can I recover bitcoin wallet

Theviprecovery is a reliable team when it comes to bitcoin recovery. They possess 

complex mathematical solving equations, as well as technologies that are required for 

the recovery of bitcoin wallet.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies today, and asides from bitcoin, there are other very 

popular cryptocurrencies that are highly sought after by people for various reasons, Some of 

which are; ethereal, Monero, doge, bnb, tether, cardano, bitcoin cash and e.t.c

How to recover money from a scammer or fraudster?

The most important thing when dealing with a scammer is not to send money to a scammer, but 

if you have already, we are glad to inform you that there is a company that can help you retrieve 

all your money. These team consists of highly skilled and experienced digital and non digital 

experts who have helped thousands of people, who either forgot their bitcoin wallet password, 

got scammed by binary option scam, investment scam, forex scam, dating and all other kinds of 

scam to recover their money. Reach them via or alternatively, via

How can I recover money from investment scam

Investment scam is one of the most popular scam in the scamming world and it doesn’t always 

matter how smart you think you are. The major reason why most people fall for investment 

scam is due to greed or quest to get rich quick. A lot of times, these returns are usually too high 

to be believed but often times, greed, which is synonymous with human nature, often sets in, 

making them vulnerable to unrealistic schemes, and most times have no way of recovering their 

money. Here is the good news, Theviprecovery team can help you recover all your money. Recovering cryptocurrency from a scammer?

Scammers are everywhere hoping to capitalize on the mistake and negligence of humans, and 

it is very important for one to be extremely cautious so one do not fall for one of these schemes.

Can I recover my lost funds in the binary option scam 

forex scam bitcoin scam

Yes, this is very possible. Recovery hasn’t always been easy, especially when it comes to 

bitcoin or other digital assets, considering the anonymous nature of most digital assets. Today, we can boldly tell you that recovery of assets is now very possible thanks to the advancement of 

digital and ledger analysis technology and other technology solving measures . By doing a 

thorough blockchain analysis and exploring other complex digital technologies, it is now 

possible to track funds that were once anonymous to known technology and thus making the 

recovery of assets easier. By embracing the said technology, Theviprecovery have been able to 

help thousands of people globally to track and recover their funds.

How to recover my money from forex scam

It is now possible for you to recover your money without stress. All you have to do in 

order to recover your money from a forex scammer is to visit their website or reach 

them via their email as earlier mentioned.

How can I get my money back from binary option 


What is binary option??? According to wikipedia, binary option is a financial exotic 

option in which the payoff is either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all. The 

nature of this market, makes it easy for people to be scammed without consequence. 

Many people have gotten scammed from this scheme not knowing their money can be 

retrieved or recovered. 

Recover money from dating scam

Did you know it is possible for you to recover your money from dating scams? Most people, 

when they lose money in dating scam. Most people do not even know that this can be 

recovered. Majority of times, scammers are usually careless leaving traces for them to be 

tracked and thus making money recoverable. If you know of anybody that lost a big sum to 

fraudsters, tell them to contact


Don’t ever send money to someone you do not know. Even if you would, you have to be critical 

about it and be sure so as not to send money to the wrong person. There are various scams out 

there and you wouldn’t wanna fall for one. But if you do, there is still hope. Contact us for 


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