How To Raise Funds For Various Reasons?

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There are times where you have the urge to raise money for a good cause. Other times, you might be saving up to buy a house or set up a new business. Whatever your reason for wanting to raise funds, here are some fundraising things you can do to help you out.


This is a new way of spreading your ideas and messages to the outside world. Podcasting isn't as difficult as it sounds; all you need is a good microphone, a soundproof room, and a podcasting app. Some good podcasting apps are Spotify, SoundCloud, and Audible.

You can pick up any subject you like, such as sports, politics, arts, etc. Just speak out your mind, record it on the app, and hit the SEND button. If enough people like your content, you can put a subscription price to it and earn funds that way. You can also get sponsorships to help you fund your show too. Here's a terrific article from Shopify on how to podcast.

Needless to say, podcasting can be a great way to raise funds for yourself.

Be a YouTube star

Have you ever thought of sharing your passion with the outside world? If you are a great cook, why don't you share your recipes with your audience? If you have green fingers, tell them some expert gardening tips. Football experts can give their insights on what is happening in the Premier League. You can even have a channel paying and reviewing games on sites such as

The short point is that if you are an expert in something, share your expertise with your subscribers.

Beginners can read this TechSmith article on how YouTube works.

YouTube hack: Put up a link to your fundraising site on your video.


There is another great way to earn money, and that is TikTok. Unlike YouTube, TikTok is a short format video creation platform targeted toward young adults.

You can use TikTok to promote your content. Make sure your TikTok content is short, entertaining, and ticks all the right boxes. Read this article to understand how TikTok and YouTube complement each other.

You can also insert a link to your donation site in your TikTok reel and raise funds.

Blog writing

Consider writing blogs on your favorite subject. You can write on any subject under the sun- politics, dating, relationships, sports, personal finance, etc.

The top secrets to becoming a successful blogger are quality and consistency. The more you write, the more your blogs will be read.

As a blogger, you should know some elementary concepts, such as keyword research, SEO, image optimization ,etc. These skills help in making your blog searchable by search engines.

You can request your loyal readers to fund your blogging by directing them to your PayPal account, or if your blog is ucessful enough, you can generate funds via advertisements.


Copywriting is the art and science of writing attractive words and phrases. This is one of the most underrated skills in the modern world. Great copy results in a call to action such as subscriptions, website clicks, etc.

Great copywriters are always in demand by startups and small businesses. By writing good and actionable copy, you can raise funds for your needs easily.

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