How To Present Your Business Idea For Crowdfunding

How To Present Your Business Idea For Crowdfunding

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Now that you've come up with your revolutionary business idea, it's time to transform your entrepreneurship dreams into a reality. In a business arena where you have 10 to 20 minutes to pitch to potential angel investors, venture capitalists and secure funding, having an out-of-the-box crowdfunding presentation can play a pivotal role in raising the seed money.

In this post, we will talk about proven tips that can help you effectively present your business idea and woo the patrons like never before:

Know Your Audience:

As speakers we often tend to focus more on the content and delivery while forgetting about one of the most important elements of a presentation- the audience! There is no denying that creating a crowdfunding presentation is an exciting endeavour. However, before you straight away jump on to creating the slides, you must first introspect and think about the audience.

Presenters must understand that business communication comes in many forms spanning internationally across the borders, demographics and culture. Whether the goal is to crowdfund with the audience, pitch to angel investors or promote material for your idea, you must know the audience beforehand. In simpler terms, business profitability might be trivial for customers, but never for potential investors. Hence, devise the slide content strategy accordingly.

Use Professional Templates:

Rather than creating a presentation for your crowdfunding efforts from scratch, you can employ a readymade business template. Since not every presenter is a connoisseur of presentation design, a ready-to-use crowdfunding template can engage the audience like never before. Thanks to the rich, corporate-grade design, presenters can worry less about the slide design and focus more on crafting high-quality, appealing content.

Not just that, using a readymade professional template brings you one step closer to raising money in crowdfunding. How? Well, you can easily customize the template to align it with your company's or brand's marketing guidelines and color aesthetics. Hence, while you're out there presenting during crowdfunding interactions, the audience can feel more connected to your idea since the presentation encompasses a higher degree of integrity.

Tell a Story:

Once you're done choosing the template, it's time to create your crowdfunding presentation. Presenters must realize that a presentation is much more than a bunch of slides. A presentation must be personable and foster a narrative. As per Visme, people are 22 times more likely to remember the details when a presentation is delivered as a story. In other terms, the slides should transform the interaction into a meaningful story. 

Telling a story about your innovative idea excites the investors and helps them buy into your business idea with added confidence. Start by defining the problem, how your idea solves the problem, talk about market opportunity, lay down the business model & then provide financial projections. Be bold, concise & brief. Your presentation should not have more than 10-12 slides.

Let Visuals do the Talking:

Often presenters overwhelm the slides with mediocre content and numbers & hence causing the popular phenomena 'Death by PowerPoint'. Presenters should leverage intuitive and pleasant visuals such as graphs, charts, infographics, and 3D shapes to charm the audience. The goal is to transform data into charming visuals to describe details vividly and in an audience-friendly manner.

You can use visuals for use cases such as defining & projecting the market size, analyzing and differentiating between you and the competition, showcasing your competitive advantage, laying out timelines, business models, projections & what not! Hence, in a world where people remember only 10% of the information three days later, visuals can help you do wonders in terms of audience engagement, marketing reach, and crowdfunding.

Conclude With a Call to Action:

Always end your crowdfunding pitch with a call to action. The Call to Action or CTA is your decisive chance to reiterate the whole presentation and motivate the viewers to take a step towards becoming a stakeholder. Moreover, don't shy away from talking about the amount of money you're seeking. 

The ending should talk about the amount of money you need, how you plan to spend the capital, how much money the idea will be generating and when you will become profitable. Create a CTA covering all the information boldly. Hence, it is an effective CTA that fosters trust, attracts people, and boosts conversions.

The End Line:

One should note that crowdfunding presentations should arouse interest immediately in the stakeholders. The first thirty seconds of your pitch can draw a line between a successful crowdfunding meet and a missed opportunity. At last, one should never forget to showcase how your idea transforms the need into a business opportunity, providing investors with a lifetime opportunity.

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