How to mitigate challenges associated with experiential vehi

How to mitigate challenges associated with experiential vehi

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Every marketing campaign have its pro and cons, hence companies choose marketing campaigns very prudently. Companies prefer to tweak marketing campaign for different regions, segments, etc to make best out of their efforts. Experiential marketing vehicles provide great sales and marketing opportunities to various industries. Companies are able to customize their marketing and sales campaign using these vehicles for different cities and regions.

There are a range of vehicles like open vans, open trucks, double decker buses, etc that are used for sales and marketing. There are many vendors which own these vehicles and gave it on rent to companies. Companies hire these vehicles from these vendors. Companies prefer to customize these vehicles as per need, and use it for various purposes like marketing, sales, brand promotion etc.

It has been experienced that promotional vehicles are quite popular among companies. Companies treat this marketing strategy as very effective strategy to promote their brand, products and services. But, like any other sales and marketing strategy and tools, this marketing strategy also have few risks associated with it. Companies prefer to address the challenges associated with this marketing strategy to get best results.

Companies need to work on few following challenges associated with these marketing strategies:

-          Choose the vehicles appropriately: Companies have to choose a fleet of these vehicles to promote their brands, products and services. Companies prefer to use same and similar type of vehicles for their entire campaign. It is always advisable that companies should select vehicles as per need and the areas where they want to use these vehicles. Same type of vehicles cannot be used for all different types of suburbs.

-          Choose the right purpose: Experiential marketing vehicles are used for multiple purposes like brand promotion, sales, marketing, etc. Companies have to use appropriate objective for different segments and different suburbs. Many companies make the mistake of using same or similar types of vehicles in all regions with same objective. Since audience changes with regions hence the same activity will have different impacts.

-          Need appropriate time: Like any other sales and marketing activities these sales and marketing activities also need sufficient time. Many times many companies lose their patience with these efforts. They expect immediate impact of these activities.

-          Right messaging: Companies have to choose right messages on these vehicles. Same message cannot be used for different regions and different segments of audience. Messages have to be changed to make it more appealing and apt for different regions and different audience segment.

-          Appropriate professionals: Many companies use promotional vehicles to sell their products and services. Many companies allow potential customers to interact with company professionals or executives. The successes of these activities depend a lot upon these professionals. These professionals have to properly trained to meet the challenges associated with this type of direct sales and marketing activities.

There are many other small challenges associated with this type of activities. If companies are able to gauze these challenges in advance and put efforts to mitigate these challenges substantially, then these vehicles can be very useful for them.

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