How to merge pdf? A simple guide for Windows 7, Windows 10,

How to merge pdf? A simple guide for Windows 7, Windows 10,

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PDF file means portable document format is an open file type of document extension. Different files are converted to PDFs to maintain their integrity. PDFs usually protect the original content when transferred, restricting any manner of deletion or replacement. They protect the contents but it makes the format inflexible.

At times, image files need ready edit properties so they are converted to jpg files. They are lossy compressed digital images where you can adjust the size of a file at the cost of its quality.

All the operating systems follow the same steps. The confusion amongst the process of conversion is trifling. There are many sites like pdfsimpli that have made the process easier by several folds. This is the last time you will search for How to merge pdf.

Let's get started.


Step 1: Choose the File

 Select the PDF file or drop the file at the designated area. If you are unable to upload the PDF file, it might be corrupted. Sometimes you face metadata issues while generating the file during scanning, or conversion from another file format that does not comply with PDF format. Sometimes you are using a Protected PDF or the file contains macros. You can change macros using the computer itself and for the password, know where you stand in terms of password access to move ahead. You can choose any credible PDF programs that can detect the problems in metadata and fix them for you. There are other tools like PDF optimization and Print Driver which can correct corrupt files.


Step 2: Edit the PDF file

Here is where you differentiate various data converting sites. A better site provides ample editing options. This aids in optimization your file by making changes. Like pdfsimpli offers tools great range of tools. Edit text, redact information(blackens sensitive information), add shapes, arrows, and highlights are few exciting features. You can present the information the way you want to. These services can entirely be paid or free, depending on the site. Almost every site offers basic editing features like crop and signature for free.


Step 3: Convert the file and Download

Your file is now ready to convert to jpg format. All the pages of separated now unlike the pdf file. If your PDF contains both text and images, some of the sites allow you to extract the image or convert the page as it is. The extraction of images is a great tool, arranges all the hard work itself and compiles converted images for you to see. You can check the size of the images and see if the files are up to your satisfaction. If not, you can go back and edit to your liking. You can merge all the pages in one jpg image as well. Sites enlist all the final image files and can choose the selected images to download.


Here we complete a typical three steps process of How to merge pdf followed by all files irrespective of their operating systems. Sites have adapted themselves to run the process the same way across all of them.

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