How To Market Your Vacation Rental To Multilingual Travelers

How To Market Your Vacation Rental To Multilingual Travelers

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The business of vacation renting is mostly practiced in the United States but some other countries around the world are beginning to join in. For what vacation rental is all about, the target market is tourists and those going on vacations. If you are planning on joining this niche, the first thing that comes to mind is how you want to do business with people of languages other than yours. This is because if people are coming into the US for tourism or vacation, there is a higher probability that they wouldn’t be American and may not speak English. Let’s see some tips on how to achieve your marketing with multilingual potential customers.

Use simple Languages 

Most times, the tourists or vacationers that come into the U.S. whose first language is not English, try to learn to speak the basics before traveling. This means they may be able to understand what you will speak to them if you stick to simple basic words that have to do with your business. The use of big words and maybe trying to show off your eloquence may put off some prospective customers who may have been capable of affording your service. The most important thing to you should be sales and gaining popularity. If you are able to get a large customer base, they will help you do more of the publicity.

Translate into various languages

People going for tourism or vacations love to hit the internet to make important inquiries that would make their journeys fruitful and comfortable. One of the things they search for online is temporary accommodation or hotels where they can put up for the duration of their stay. So, the most important tip to getting more bookings from international travelers is to advertise in their native language. You have to translate your listings, descriptions, and any other content related to your vacation rental into different languages. If you also have your listing published in an online travel agency, then translate the information about your vacation rental and even the reviews into various languages also. Anything that can help you sell and is written in English should be translated. This will be costly initially but with time, you would get good returns.

Advertise on the websites they frequent

Another way to attract multilingual travelers to your business is by visiting where they love to visit with your wares. You can have your own website but patronize other popularly visited websites like HomeAway, Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia and put your listing on them. The more listing you have, the greater the exposure will get. On some of the websites, you will have to pay a fee to advertise your business on them so, be sure to do some comparing of rates and fees before you know which websites to work with. There are some websites that are free for you to advertise on.

Know their needs

Your target market which will be foreign guests mostly may have a different type of preference than the regular domestic travelers. So, if you are able to provide some more basic needs for them, you will stand out in your niche. Putting a suggestion box in each of the apartments you are renting out will be a fantastic idea. Your customers can easily leave their honest opinion as regards how you can serve them better. You have to attend to every request for the good of everyone. There is no other feeling that beats the one suggesting that you are the boss. When you make your customers feel important, you will soon start becoming overwhelmed with more customers hitting your way, which is good anyway. In addition to giving your customers what they need, make sure that your apartments are properly maintained and always looking exquisite. You can hire a property management company for that purpose.

Use more pictures in your marketing

If you missed translating into a particular language and you have a potential customer that speaks that language, all hope won't be lost. How about taking to the use of pictures instead? When there is a language barrier that you can’t take care of immediately, don’t allow confusion to set in. Just use your photos to make everything clear. Have as many pictures as possible on your website. The pictures should be very clear and all features of your apartments that will sell you out more should be captured in those pictures. You will be surprised just how many pictures are able to get you deals in a business like this.

Final word

Marketing your business to multilingual customers is never easy but if you are able to kick it off, you will enjoy the dividends. Business owners are always in it to make money. Vacation renting is in vogue nowadays. So make sure that you do not disappoint at the first opportunity. First impressions matter most.

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