How To Make Sure You Get A Healthy And Balanced Pup

How To Make Sure You Get A Healthy And Balanced Pup

From Mathew Philip

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So you are looking for a new dog and have come across dalmatian puppies for sale victoria in your search. You are now faced with the dilemma of whether to buy from a private breeder, or from an Australian Dalmatian breeder, or from a Dalmatian rescue. Now as I understand it, the Dalmatian Club of America does not allow registered breeders to trade their purebred puppies for sale in this country. That is why you will not see many American Dalmatian puppies for sale in the newspaper classifieds, or on the internet.


However as I understand it, if the puppy is registered within the Dalmatian Club of America then you can trade with that club for the purebred puppies you are seeking. This would be considered a private sale within the Dalmatian ranks and as such would need the written consent of the breeder(s) involved. As I understand it from talking to a few Dalmatian breeders in different states, most of them would rather trade with an AKC member then sell to someone outside the Dalmatian Club.

You may also find puppies for sale from an AKC approved shelter or rescue. Again this should be a second consideration when looking for AKC approved puppies. Shelters and rescues want Dalmatian puppies but because they are on the list they have to go through a rigorous screening process before being deemed Dalmatian puppies for sale by AKC. In fact any dog over two months of age that has not been AKC tested should be banned from being sold as a purebred.

 If you do end up using an AKC Dalmatian rescue or a Dalmatian rescue group you must ask about their current listing. Where are the puppies coming from? How many are in the pipeline? If you use an anonymous asked service puppy seller you must also ask about their screening process.

 A good Dalmatian breeder will help answer any health issues that you might have about the dog's parents or grandparents. Some breeders don't even tell buyers about genetic problems. It is your responsibility to ask this question from any source. Ask the breeder if he or she knows of any problems in the sire or litter that might affect your Dalmatian puppy. You should never buy a puppy with health issues.

Ask the breeder about the dam's line. You should ask the breeder to confirm that the sire and dam are both purebred. Ask for AKC records. I have had several anonymous asked me this question. It is important to ask the breeder to provide a certificate of authenticity with the pup. These are the factors that will make a difference when choosing the right Dalmatian puppy.

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