How To Make And Write The Best Curriculum Vitae: 20 Tips

How To Make And Write The Best Curriculum Vitae: 20 Tips

From Natalie Radco

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Whether you are unemployed or have a job at the best paper writing service but are aspiring to a better job, you must have a good CV. The CV is still a key document to access companies and you must take maximum care of it. The main objective of a resume right now is that it attracts attention, that it is attractive, and that it is different from the rest. We give you all the keys on how to make a perfect professional job resume. The Curriculum Vitae continues to be a fundamental tool for finding work and making yourself known as a professional. It is the first impression that companies are going to take on you and it suits you to be unbeatable. Due to our experience at school, we are used to seeing many CVs of the students that we then send to agencies with which we have agreements to do internships. So we know what details companies look at, what they value, and what they expect from a resume. We want to share with you the conclusions we have reached. We hope they serve you.

20 tips to improve your CV and help you find a job in 2015

Pay attention to the content

Shaping your resume in a way that is appealing at first glance is important. It is clear. Later we will give you some recommendations in this regard. But really the fundamental thing is still the content, the data you include and how you count them. Here are some tips on how to improve your resume:

1. Nice photo You must take great care of the photo you put on the resume. Don't choose any. We recommend that you take a good, professional, well-lit photograph, where your face is visible, that you are looking straight ahead, and leave with a kind gesture. It is convenient that there are no objects that cover you (sunglasses, scarves, hats ...) and that can make shadows. If possible, it should not be a full-length image. Better if only the face appears. You can have that same photo on all your social networks and your blog. In this way, you make it easier for the person who searches for you on Google. Did you know that after viewing a resume 82% of the recruiters go online to find out more information about the candidate? Of course, don't post a cropped photo where you appear at a party, with friends, or at a bar. You must convey a serious and professional image. Do not forget.

2. Personal data Along with the photo, the first data you should put on the resume are your name, surname, and email. We know this point is pretty obvious, but trust me, there are still people who forget or misspell this basic information. As for the mail, we recommend that it be a serious email address. It is best to include your first and last name or your initials. Don't even think about adding that email account you have for friends with inappropriate or funny words.

3. Blog and Social Networks

It is interesting that together with your personal data you include a direct link to your website or blog and to your professional Social Networks. If you are or have been our student, you already know the importance of the blog for professions like Community Manager, journalist, designer, and publicist. If so, you will already have one and if you do not have it, we highly recommend you do so. We also advise you to share valuable content about your profession weekly on Twitter and Linkedin.

4. The title that defines you as a professional As the header phrase of your resume or just below your personal data, you can put a title that defines you as a professional. By this, I do not mean that you put "serious, responsible, good partner or with organizational skills." It is not about writing adjectives about yourself. They are better keywords * that indicate what you do. For example, if you work in online marketing you can write"community manager, SEO and Content Marketing specialist". Above all, it is about highlighting those functions and profiles that best fit the position and the company you are heading to. Here is an example that can serve as a reference.

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