How to Make a Fast WordPress Website

How to Make a Fast WordPress Website

From Muhammad Qasim Butt

If you're running a WordPress website, you probably want to make it as fast as possible. There are several ways to improve the speed of your website

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If you're running a WordPress website, you probably want to make it as fast as possible. There are several ways to improve the speed of your website, including installing a caching software like LiteSpeed Cache or W3 Total Cache, and using NGINX or GeneratePress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, the tips outlined in this article should help you get your site loading faster than ever.

The best way to have a fast WordPress website is to have it properly built and structured in the first place by a developer who knows what they are doing. Don’t be fooled by the easiness of WordPress and getting started with adding all these different plugins that you don’t even need. 

Keep it simple to have a fast WordPress website and when in doubt, hire a website design company like Mr. WP to take care of it for you in a speedy turnaround. 

LiteSpeed Cache

You need LiteSpeed Cache for fast WordPress website in order to optimize the website speed. However, you need to set it up properly for the cache to work properly. It will load pages faster if you have the right settings. The default settings of LiteSpeed Cache are suitable for most websites. But if you need to increase the cache size for your site, you need to follow the steps below.

LiteSpeed Cache works in two ways: it can combine and minify CSS and JS files, reducing the size of these files. However, this will result in a break in the CSS and JS styles of your website. However, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin can only be installed on your site if you have the requisite WordPress server license. To prevent this, you need to enable LiteSpeed Cache on your website.

LiteSpeed Cache is a WordPress plugin that comes with a range of settings for optimizing pages. These include optimizing images, dynamic content, and web pages. The settings are crucial for the optimization of your website's speed, as unoptimized images take longer to load and will be rendered incorrectly. You can also optimize images in bulk or individually. There are also settings to resize images automatically. You may also want to optimize your images to avoid system errors.

The next step in setting up LiteSpeed Cache is to enable it. Unlike many of the other WordPress cache plugins, LiteSpeed Cache does not cache HTML files. Instead, it provides server-level caching. This is a significant advantage for your website. If you use it on your website, you can use a staging site to test its performance before launching your live website. If you want a more robust cache, you can use a specialized caching plugin.

W3 Total Cache

Adding a caching plugin to WordPress is essential for your WordPress website to load quickly. By caching the page data, you can reduce the amount of work your site must do every time a visitor requests a page. It is recommended that you use Memcached, as it will speed up your website without compromising performance. Advanced users can configure minification. If you don't know how to set up a cache, you should install a free plugin such as W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache has several features that make it an excellent tool for faster WordPress sites. You can choose a free version or the Pro version, depending on your needs. Its free version is recommended for beginners, but you can also upgrade to the Pro version for more advanced users. W3 Total Cache is easy to install and speeds up your website regardless of your access. Once you've installed the plugin, your site will begin to load faster in less time, and your visitors will be impressed by the difference.

Cloudflare is another service that you can add to your W3 Total Cache plugin. It provides performance optimization, security, and website analytics. Cloudflare works well with W3 Total Cache, and the two tools are complementary. To use Cloudflare, you will need to sign up with their website security service. After completing the signup process, enter your site's url and wait for the scanner to scan it.

W3 Total Cache has several pre-caching features that are useful for WordPress users. You can also customize the caching interval and enable disc or memory caching. You can export cached data using the plugin's user-friendly export feature. You can also use GTmetrix to verify whether your W3 Total Cache plugin has improved your website's speed. While W3 Total Cache has many advantages, it is not an ideal solution for all websites.


If you're wondering if NGINX for a WordPress powered website is a good choice for your website, you're not alone. NGINX is an open-source web server that was originally designed for a Russian web portal, and is becoming increasingly popular as a fast, reliable web server for WordPress powered websites. It's extremely lightweight, optimized, and has a high degree of stability. Here's why you should consider NGINX hosting for your WordPress powered website.

When deploying NGINX, you can configure it as an invert-proxy before Apache, so you can benefit from the same features and speed as the Apache server. Nginx is particularly effective at handling static content conveyance, and has a simple component that you can enable for your customer's site to reduce server load. NGINX even has an area-hinder-based configuration generator that helps you set up HTTPS in your WordPress site without affecting performance.

To get started with using NGINX for your WordPress website, you'll need a web server that supports PHP and MySQL. Apache is the most popular web server, but NGINX has a large community and provides better performance. But be careful when choosing a web server because they require the right resources and tools to run well. While Apache is the most common choice, NGINX is a better choice if you're hosting a high-traffic site.

NGINX is the best option for a WordPress site if you need a fast web server. It has the highest cache HIT ratio of any web server. This is because NGINX has less memory than Apache, and the caching algorithm it uses makes NGINX an ideal choice for dynamic content sites. Furthermore, it is beginner-friendly and modular. Choosing a web server based on its features and flexibility is the best way to get the best out of your WordPress site.


You should use GeneratePress for a fast WordPress website if you want a simple, lightweight, and low-code theme. This multi-purpose theme is easy to install and customize, and is free. The premium version offers more features and customization options. You can also use GeneratePress to build any type of website - it can even replace a page builder. Read on to learn more about this multi-purpose WordPress theme.

A free version of GeneratePress is available online, but you must buy the companion plugin for full access to premium modules and the Site Library. The premium plugin also unlocks pre-built sites and a library of themes. The site library is a handy resource for beginners and advanced users. The theme's premium modules can help you build a multilingual website. It's fully compatible with the WPML plugin, which means you can have multiple languages in one site. The company has a dedicated team for support and development.

Aside from the core features of GeneratePress, you can also install various modules that will help you customize your site and add advanced customizations. GeneratePress has more than 70 pre-installed fonts that are easy to customize. It also provides a localized version of Google Fonts. Regardless of the level of expertise of your website or the purpose of your site, it's worth a look to see how the theme works.

Another advantage of GeneratePress is its ability to handle complex customization needs. It has hooks and filters, is translation-ready in over 20 languages, is SEO-friendly, and has a minimal learning curve. It also supports a mobile-friendly design that allows you to rank highly on search engines. GeneratePress is easy to use and maintains a clean, minimalistic backend and is very fast to load. You can even add a background image for your mobile header.


Using external scripts on your WordPress website is a great way to speed up your site. These are scripts that add data to the website and increase its loading time. You can also reduce the size of your CSS files by installing some WordPress plugins. These plugins will reduce the size of your CSS files and improve the speed of your website. To maximize your website speed, optimize the following settings. First, reduce the size of your images. Usually, images take up a considerable amount of page space.


If using these plugins sounds like a headache rather than a timesaver for your websites, consider hiring a WordPress expert or website development team to take care of it for you. Because these changes do mess with your site’s code, layout, and more, you want to make sure that you know what you are clearly doing before implementing these changes. 

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