How to make a coworking space more secure for customers

How to make a coworking space more secure for customers

From Valeria Alex

As the owner of a coworking space, you want to ensure that your customers feel safe and secure while working.

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As the owner of a coworking space, you want to ensure that your customers feel safe and secure while working. Unfortunately, there are some simple ways that you can improve security in your space that many business owners overlook. In this blog post, we'll discuss 5 easy ways to make your coworking space more secure for customers. Keep reading to learn more!

1.      Cybersecurity is important

In today's business world, cybersecurity is crucial. With more and more businesses working remotely, there is an increased need for secure data transmission.

Coworking spaces can provide the perfect solution, offering virtual private networks (VPNs), encrypted Wi-Fi, and other security features. This type of security is essential for businesses that handle sensitive data, such as financial information or customer records. By using a coworking space, businesses can rest assured that their data is safe from cyberattacks. In addition, coworking spaces can provide a physical space for businesses to work, which can be crucial for businesses that rely on face-to-face interactions. By offering both physical and virtual workspaces, coworking spaces can help businesses to stay secure and connected.

2.      Don’t be afraid of passwords reiteration

A password is like a key - it allows you to access important information and keep it safe from unauthorized users. As more and more businesses move towards coworking spaces, it's important to be aware of the importance of passwords. While it may seem like a simple measure, using strong passwords is one of the best ways to protect your business from data breaches and other security threats.

Reiterate the importance of passwords to your members. In a shared environment, it's all too easy for someone to access a business account if they know the password. By using a strong password, your members can help to ensure that only authorized users are able to access their accounts. In addition, they should also make sure to change their passwords on a regular basis to further reduce the risk of unauthorized access. By taking these simple steps, you can help to keep your business safe in a coworking space.

3.      Make sure you can provide all-day IT help

As coworking spaces become more popular, the need for IT support has increased. Many coworking spaces only have support available during business hours, which can be a problem for members who work odd hours or have emergencies. Here are a few tips for providing all-day IT support in a coworking space:

  • Make sure your staff is properly trained. They should know how to troubleshoot common problems like Wi-Fi issues, printer jams, and computer crashes.

  • Set up a help desk or hotline that members can call outside of business hours. This way, they can get help even when the office is closed.

  • Offer remote support options like screen sharing and remote desktop access. This way, members can get help even if they're not in the office.

  • Keep a supply of common replacement parts on hand, like computer cables and printer ink cartridges. This way, you can fix problems quickly and avoid having to order new parts.

 4.      Find a great community manager

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the space, the community manager can help companies maintain privacy.

A community manager is someone passionate about coworking and building a community. They should be outgoing and friendly, but also be able to handle difficult conversations and conflict resolution. They should have a strong understanding of coworking software and how to use it to facilitate community building. And finally, they should be able to wear many hats - from event planner to marketing guru - and always be willing to lend a helping hand.

If you're looking for a great community manager for your coworking space, start by reaching out to your network of friends and colleagues. Ask for recommendations or referrals. You can also post a job listing on coworking-specific job boards or websites. When reviewing applications, be sure to look for candidates who meet all of the above criteria. With the right community manager on your team, you can build a thriving coworking community that will keep your space running smoothly and your members happy.

5.      Use private rooms

Coworking spaces can also be more secure spaces for people to work in, as they generally have access control systems in place (it can be easily done with the help of coworking management software). However, coworking spaces are not always used effectively, as people often congregate in common areas rather than using the available private rooms. One way to encourage the use of private rooms in coworking spaces is to offer discounts or other incentives for people who use them. For example, a coworking space could offer a day pass for a reduced rate on days when private rooms are available. coworking space could also offer a monthly membership that includes access to private rooms. By offering these types of incentives, coworking spaces can encourage more people to use the private rooms that are available, leading to more productive and secure coworking sessions.

To sum up

Coworking spaces are on the rise, and for good reason. They provide entrepreneurs with a sense of community, security, and confidentiality that is crucial to their success. By ensuring your space has a secure system in place, you make it more appealing to businesses and help them feel confident in their decision to work with you. By following these simple tips, you can create a more secure system that will keep your members happy and your business booming.

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