How To Launch TikTok Ads For Better ROI? (6 Proven Steps!)

How To Launch TikTok Ads For Better ROI? (6 Proven Steps!)

From Muhammad Qasim Butt

In 2021, TikTok went up to one billion monthly active users, a significant milestone compared to Facebook and Instagram.

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In 2021, TikTok went up to one billion monthly active users, a significant milestone compared to Facebook and Instagram. Also, TikTok usage increased up to 45% year-over-year, which serves as a massive social media platform around the globe. According to the fact, the TikTok platform inclines younger and female audiences to Gen Z, which expects to excel on Instagram by 2025. From this, TikTok became famous all over the world. 

If your brands are looking to reach potential followers, you should have the best TikTok brand presence and exposure. Thus, the sponsored TikTok presence can expand your profile reach, visibility, and engagement on the platform. Again, if you are looking to increase TikTok engagement, then see how to buy tiktok likes, which helps build your profile. Now, let us dig deep into the TikTok platform to know more about TikTok ads for better ROI. 

How To Launch TikTok Ads For Better ROI?

On TikTok, first, start to launch your TikTok ads using the TikTok Ads Manager account. After that, you can even understand how to begin your TikTok advertising for a better ROI. Next, check out the following steps before launching your TikTok ads. Here is the step-by-step process to follow right now. 

1. Choose TikTok Ads Goals

Do you know how to gain your TikTok business ads? First, start to choose the best TikTok campaign's goal, which you should try with your TikTok advertising insights. Indeed, the TikTok platform will improve your business campaign ads with higher ROI where you get greater brand awareness or drive sales conversions.  

2. Pick Your Audience Community

Did you know who your potential followers you are keen to reach? If not, TikTok offers you a space of targeting options where you can create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. This audience community grabs users relevant to your existing audience base. 

3. Plan Your Budget

Did you know how much you can invest in your TikTok ads? If so, pick your daily or lifetime TikTok advertising budget for your campaigns. Next, decide to optimize your social media marketing method, where you can change your ad spent value at any time. 

4. Design Best TikTok Ads

Post your images or videos or create a fresh video using their video creation tool. Thus, TikTok's Smart Video feature uses AI to process your video niche and creates videos like an expert. 

5. Start To Stream Live On TikTok

When posting your ads on TikTok, the ad manager's innovative tool will let you feature your TikTok ads in front of your potential audiences at the right time you think. 

6. Measure TikTok Ads & Its Metrics

Now, you can look back on TikTok campaigns with their analytics tool. See how your TikTok ad performs and the real-life impact, and analyze what you can do to improve your TikTok ad performance. 

After launching your TikTok ads using these six proven steps, start to focus on generating TikTok profile engagement. So, always remember to drive organic traffic for your TikTok profile by opting to buy tiktok fans, which is the best option to gain popularity with more followers. 

Best Practices Of TikTok Ad Formats To Follow

Right now, TikTok has got five main types of advertising formats: 

1. TopView Ads: On TikTok, followers can see the TopView Ads running on the profile whenever a follower opens the account. Also, the TopView TikTok ads feature at least once a day to its followers. 

2. In-Feed Ads: The TikTok popular ads are In-Fed ads that show on the For You page feed between the three or four organic videos. It is relevant to the in-feed ads of Instagram or Facebook, where you can include a CTA button to your TikTok's in-feed ad. Now, take a look at these examples:

Live Nation's click-through action motivates TikTok followers to know more about The Weeknd's following tour with Doja Cat. At the same time, Thrive Cosmetics consists of a link to buy their waterproof eyeliner products. 

3. Branded Hashtags: If you want to become popular among your followers on TikTok, buy tiktok views for your engaging TikTok ads using branded hashtags. Brands can create an exclusive hashtag challenge that motivates TikTok users to go viral by posting this branded content. Also, branded hashtags drive engagement and brand awareness among potential followers. Now, look at an example of Oreo kicking off the Oreo Stack Challenge with the #OREOBdayStack hashtags. Its original TikTok videos show how TikTok followers can participate in the branded hashtag challenge, where these branded challenges resulted in 600 million video views.

4. Branded Takeovers: On TikTok, the branded takeover enables brands to offer the best benefit over every three other TikTok ads from the above formats. Every day, at least one business tries to access any of these Brand Takeover ads, which feature the TopView ads with in-feed ads and branded hashtags. Thus, these TikTok ads drive brand awareness that recalls among followers. 

5. Branded Effects: Now, TikTok's branded effects offer 2D and 3D or AR features where every brand can use these branded effects to highlight their brand. For instance, brands can create a sticker to promote their branded hashtags or a new product. 

Step-By-Step Procedure To Establish Your TikTok Advertising Account

If you plan to create TikTok ads, you should first establish your TikTok Business account. You can even make it through this. Check out the step-by-step to finish your TikTok ads. 

How to Establish a TikTok Advertising Account?

Are you trying to create engaging TikTok Ads? First, you must set up a TikTok Business account. Then follow these steps to finish your TikTok advertising account. 

  • Create a TikTok account using your email or phone number

  • Mention your business and enter your website URL

  • Enter your billing details.

  • Decide on the payment methods, where you can neither have TikTok charge you for ads nor manually include a balance. 

  • Select your TikTok advertising mode with simplified or customized. 

    • The simplified model depends on TikTok's platform algorithm. 

    • Custom TikTok ads offer you control with the chance to A/B test, which defines your audience targeting. Always, you can switch to the other mode. 

  • First, create Your Ad: Name your TikTok ad campaign and select your advertising goals on TikTok. You can even post your creative strategy or use content created by a TikTok influencer you are collaborating with. 

  • Then, review your TikTok ads and submit them. 

Final Takeaways

In conclusion, the article explains how to launch your TikTok ads for better ROI where you can become the top business marketer. Above all, if you are looking to generate the best results for your TikTok profile, try Tikviral, which elevates your profile growth with organic engagement. 

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