How to Host a Charity Casino Night Fundraiser

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When fundraising, it's essential to try and be as creative as possible with your approach and try to create a fundraising event that’s a little new. Everyone’s been to a charity bake-sale or some of the other more common fundraising events and a few may be getting a bit bored of them and are only attending because of the cause.

Doing something different and exciting can make your fundraiser more interesting and garner more interest and therefore, hopefully, a better attendance. A charity casino night could be just the ticket and could be a unique avenue to get money in, but there are certain things you need to know before hosting one.

Know the games you’re putting on

There’s nothing more embarrassing than leading a poker game or a game of blackjack and getting called out because you’re not dealing correctly, or that you’re not clued up on the rules. Even though visitors won’t be playing with real money, there’s still a sense of high stakes and urgency, as they’ve donated money to play, plus fumbling around the rules will make it look unprofessional and potentially put other people off from playing it.

The way to understand how a game works is to simply play it and practice your skills beforehand. There’s plenty of great online casinos you can sample so that you can get familiar with the games, ranked by quality and safety by

Be clear in how your casino will work

One of the trickiest things about a charity casino night is figuring out and implementing how it’s going to work. Will you have your guests donate real money at each game table and reward them with credit, or will you exchange their money with fake money at the door which they then use for the entire night?

It’sessential to be clear so that it’s easier to manage and keep track of the money you’re receiving. It’s just as necessary to make sure your guests know how it works and what to expect – you don’t want someone winning a million worth of fake money and expect at the end of the night to have that converted back to real tender.

Make sure you’re operating within the law

It’s illegal to run a casino without a license, which means that strict guidelines need to be followed to keep your event above board, and legal. The main way to ensure that your charity event can carry on without being busted by the police is to never give guests real money. Don’t exchange their fake funds for real-life currency, as this will be a surefire way to have the authorities knocking at the door. The money earned from a charity casino night must go to a registered charity.

Have prizes

Although the casino games are fun on their own, the excitement does wean a little when there’s nothing to play for. That’s why having prizes for people as an incentive is a good way for them to keep playing and to keep spending their money. There are two ways into how to implement prizes. You can do it arcade-style and have people cash in their fake money at a kiosk for specific rewards they choose, or you could wait until the end of the casino night, total up everyone’s funds, and then have a grand prize for the individual who raked up the most money.

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