How to Grow Tomatoes without Fertilizer project By Smiley

How to Grow Tomatoes without Fertilizer project By Smiley

From Ola Smiley

Hopefully the foreign aid budget gets cut right back and the UK can focus on itself. Stan Pinnington I doubt it, the Foreign Office never covered itself in glory before Blair created the dept. We send a large amount of m

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Clement Lannaman What you said about your job months ago, you were right and I'm sure you had it too. I guess next they'll tell us to wear diapers to cover our butts to prevent farts from spreading too. Elizabeth Aguila bueno ahora andar con bolsitas ziplocs y hacerlo todo ahí Of course it can.

Though I don't support vandalism of any type, i can't imagine those that died for us in the past would be happy with the way our government is treating us. Just wash it off ffs, would cost the taxpayer less for a startOh yeah because what we really need is to be more authoritarian not less. Heartless thugs can’t even work a 40 hour week, absolutely terrible they have no respect for our poor men and women who have fought for this country.

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