How to Do an SEO Audit

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Have you been wondering why your website is not getting the higher rankings that you have always desired, or have you invested a considerable amount of effort, yet you are not getting the traffic that you desire for your website? Or have you been left wondering why your competitors, who have a poor user design than yours are getting better ranked by the search engines than you?

SEO Website Audit is your answer

The answer to the above queries lies in doing an SEO website audit. If done properly, SEO audits can help to improve the web rankings of your website, attract more visitors, leads and increase revenue. But after deciding to do an SEO audit, where do you start? Let’s go to some of the basics.

What’s an SEO audit?

These are the steps that you take to evaluate a website, and grade that particular website for its ability to get ranked in search engines. To do a proper audit, you must create an audit checklist which you will use to make sure that you don’t leave behind any important element.  Any issue that is found not to be conforming to the best standards will need to be improved to assist with bettering your page’s ranking against that of your competitors. It’s important to understand that an SEO audit is quite complex, and requires some level of expertise. This is the reason why business owners prefer to get the help of an expert SEO company to help in doing a thorough SEO audit, making recommendations, and implementing them.

How does an SEO audit help you?

It helps you to compare yourself against your competitors, identify changes that need to be made on your website and also get a general feel about your site’s efficiency. Moreover, the audit assists you uncover any weaknesses that may exist in your website, with recommendations about what needs to be done to fix them. After a proper audit for your website audit, you can set realistic expectations about what you would like your website to achieve for you shortly.

How to do an SEO audit

  • Start by doing the technical audit of your website. Do a panda or penguin check fast? These algorithms are designed by Google to serve high-quality websites right inside the SERPs.
  • Do a website crawl and this will help you identify the issues that will need to be corrected.
  • Check and improve your website’s user experience. Various signals tell you whether your site has a good or bad user experience.
  • Check your website’s DNS settings and ensure that the bots don’t get error messages whenever they crawl your website.
  • Make sure your pages are mobile-friendly.
  • Improve the loading speed of your website pages.
  • Does an HTML validation check (free).
  • Use a secure HTTPS URL to improve your search engine rankings.


If your website is not in the position that you would like to see it, doing an SEO audit would help. This type of audit helps to check for the existence of errors and uncovers whatever needs to be fixed so that your website gets better rankings. The above simple procedure should come in handy when you want to do your SEO audit.

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