How to Convert WebP to PNG in 2023?

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WebP is indicated as the Google-developed image file format that works optimally regarding web graphics, but not supports by all modern web browser. This is the most obvious reason why you people require to convert it into more regular image file format like PNG. To do so, an online WebP file to PNG converter enables you to make quick conversion without impacting over the quality of the file.

Well, give a read to this context as we are going to shortlist few best converters that lets you save WebP as PNG image file.

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When you’re prone to WebP image related compatibility issues, you simply have to open it with a WebP viewer. Alternatively, you simply convert WebP file to PNG by navigating to that offers free WebP to PNG converter online. Even this program provided you with additional settings regarding turning WebP into PNG image file format.


If you’re seeking for an online WebP converter that lets you save WebP as PNG within matter of seconds, then this is best program for you. The upside is that this tool lets you make custom settings for the width and height of the converted PNG image file. And, even no need to worry about the files security as your uploaded WebP and downloaded PNG files are permanently deleted from the server source after conversion.

l  Click on the choose files option to add your WebP images

l  Now, choose the PNG as output format

l  Hit Convert button to change WebP to PNG

l  Save the converted PNG

It is another great utility with simple UI through which you can convert WebP images to PNG within matter of seconds. In addition to that this program works perefct for make custom settings to attain optimal outcomes related to image conversions. No matter how frequently you’re going to change WebP file to PNG, this handy converter proceed significantly.

l  Upload WebP file into the converter

l  Choose output file type as PNG

l  Press Download button and save the converted file to desired location


Get one of the superior online WebP to PNG converters from this web-based application source right now. It only indulges with three simple to follow steps through which one can export one or more WebP files as PNGs while maintaining the image quality high.

Moreover, you can there fetch video, audio, archive, eBooks, PDF, and more converters to make free files conversion. Even it never ever handles your files, this means your files are fully secure and deleted permanently after conversion. 

l  Add or Upload WeBP file into toolbox

l  Once done, click Convert

l  After that, press download to save WebP as PNG


As the name reveals that this is indicated as a freeware utility that lets you export WebP as PNG for free within no time. Although it offers free conversion, but does not compromise the quality of the resultant file. Even it supports bulk (batch) files conversion for free of cost. Additionally, now you can deal with different converter related to audio, video, image, document, and unit files. And, if you want to resize, compress, and adjust the quality of the converted file, then this platform works tremendously for you.

l  Add WebP file by using choose files button

l  Click Convert to PNG button

l  Files is ready to save, press Download button

Cloud Convert:

Cloudconvert is referred to as the one of the perfect sources for converting image files online. It even packed with best WebP converter that lets users to convert WebP file to PNG without compromising over the quality. It lets you convert couple of files at once, but to make unlimited conversion, you ought to go with PRO!

No sign up or registration process involves, just couple of steps require to turn WebP into PNG with this online assistance. Users can make conversions fro video, audio, eBook, document, archive, eBook, image, spreadsheet, and more files swiftly.

l  Add your WebP image file into the main toolbox of cloudconvert

l  Once your WebP image is uploaded, you need to choose the output format as PNG and hit the Convert button to commence the conversion process

l  The great thing is that your converted PNG file will be downloaded automatically

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