How to choose the bridal jewelry - in 3 steps to the perfect

How to choose the bridal jewelry - in 3 steps to the perfect

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How do you find the jewelry for your wedding? We explain what to look out for when choosing accessories.

When you hear the word bride, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the wedding dress. But, the wedding dress alone does not make the bridal look complete. In addition to the shoes, the other accessories also play an important role for the bride's grand entrance. Earrings, chain, ring, veil, bag and black diamond engagement ring, by Segal Jewellery, must be chosen. In 3 steps, we explain how to find your perfect bridal accessories.

1.       The main element: the wedding dress

2.       Place and time of celebration

3.       Bridal hairstyle and makeup

1. The main element: the wedding dress

Your bridal jewelry be sure to fit into your wedding dress. With a voluminous dress, it is better to forego sumptuous jewelry and resort to delicate and small elements. With a simple dress, it is advisable to wear jewelry. Whether subtle or noticeable, that's up to you. We show you which neckline you can wear which jewelry and which jewelry color goes with which color of the dress.

Strapless: If you have decided on a dress without straps, you should avoid large statement chains. It is best to leave your chest and neck area free and only use subtle jewelry. A nice set consisting of a necklace and earrings with small stones or pearls goes perfectly with a strapless dress. If your dress is rather simple, you can also wear large earrings. But don't overload yourself!

Square neckline: Stay away from long chains! The chain should be on your skin just before the start of the dress. Simple chains with small stones or collars are particularly beautiful. Depending on the dress, both thin and wider chains fit. If you want to do without a chain, long earrings are especially great replacements.

Boat neckline: Fine silver or gold chains with pearls or precious stones ensure a smooth transition between neckline and skin. You can bring out your eyes with beautiful earrings. Choose a similar color to create harmony or set accents with bright colors.

Illusion neckline: Wear a transparent fabric on the decollete and around the neck area, since you have, for example, tattoo lace on your back, it is best to avoid a chain, otherwise your gaze will be focused on the area. You should also use subtle pieces for earrings.

Neck holder: When it comes to the neck holder neckline, it is not a matter of choosing a chain, but of other jewelry. Depending on the dress, different bracelets look great. You have a free choice of earrings. You can also use other accessories, such as hairbands or flower wreaths.

Asymmetrical neckline: So that your extraordinary neckline really comes into its own, you should also do without a chain here and instead draw attention to yourself with statement earrings. But be careful! If you have decided on a dress with many ornaments, it is better to keep the entire jewelry subtle.

V-neckline:Chains are also V-shaped and go best with dresses with a V-neckline. Chains with a single pendant or chains with several simple links are particularly beautiful. The center of gravity of the chain should be in the middle.

Heart neckline: Necklaces , pearls and round necklaces with pendants work very harmoniously with the heart neckline.

Of course, the color of your accessories should harmonize with that of your dress.

·         Wear a white dress, choose shiny metals, such as white gold, silver and gold in combination with pearls.

·         For a dress in the color snow white, metals in yellow gold, rose gold, silver and pearl jewelry go perfectly.

·         If you have decided on an ivory dress, then you should wear gold jewelry, as the two shades support each other.

·         Yellow gold, polished silver and precious stones in great colors are ideal for champagne-colored wedding dresses.

·         Matching jewelry for pink dresses is rose gold and platinum with beautiful diamonds.

If you are not familiar with the different colors and materials, let an expert advise you and use great jewelry sets. You can (almost) not go wrong with this.

2. Place and time of celebration

Even if it sounds strange at first, your jewelry should be adapted to your location and the time of day of the celebration. If you host a cozy garden wedding in the middle of the day, large statement jewelry will disrupt the overall look of the wedding, as it does not match the rest of the style of the party. But if you celebrate your wedding in a rococo-style castle, then it can be more eye-catching and unusual accessories. Are you celebrating your wedding at a bar at night? Then eye-catching jewelry in color and with a lot of glitter fits better to the overall picture than at a morning celebration in a church. Try your jewelry with matching the overall style of the wedding can only win you over.

3. Bridal hairstyle and makeup

At any hairstyle and any make-up fits other jewelry. That's why you should coordinate your hair and make-up with the accessories.

·         If you have decided on a low bun or a half braid, then choose the matching short round necklaces with pearls and diamonds.

·         To open hair fits striking jewelry that comes under the beautiful curls still advantage. The same goes for the straight look. Flashy rhinestones or modern hoop earrings, everything looks great.

·         Brides with short hair put their face in the limelight with beautiful large and long earrings.

·         Updos have to be carefully designed. Depending on the hairstyle and accessories in your hair, you can quickly look overloaded. Choose more subtle jewelry and small hair clips with pearls or beautiful stones to round off the look.

Also, make sure that the jewelry matches your face shape. Rounded faces are flattered by elongated jewelry. Small discreet earrings and fine jewelry are also very beneficial. If you have a square face shape, it is better to avoid symmetrical and square pieces of jewelry, as this makes your face appear even squarer. Brides with elongated faces do without long and straight jewelry and choose voluminous and timeless designs.

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