How to Choose a Mountain Electric Bike and Why an Electric B

How to Choose a Mountain Electric Bike and Why an Electric B

From Waqas Ahmad

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While it is believed that an electric bike isn`t the best choice for most mountain-fans, it is pretty far from the truth. The fact is that everything depends on the bike quality (read: the price). If you choose a premium-quality electric bike, it will serve you for the majority of purposes. Thus, let us have a look at how the best electric mountain bikes work and why they might be your preferred option to move around.

An Electric Mountain Bike - Does It Exist?

Well, you can hardly find an electric assist mountain bike that can and shall be used for mountain riding only. In most cases, it will serve all the possible purposes. Take Delfast TOP 3.0 as an example. This bike serves all the possible purposes. Its fast and smooth ride is perfect for commuting or traveling long distances. The fully charged battery of a Delfast ebike is sufficient for around 3,000 km. The bike can develop a speed of 80 km/h which can easily compete with a car. However, let us return to the mountain bikes. 

Choose the Ebike Depending on the Terrain You Are Riding

If you are a beginner in the ebike world, choose your vehicle based on the terrain where you are going to use the ebike. The terrain will dictate to you what motor, tires, construction in general you need.

For winding gravel roads you need an offroad electric bike with a powerful front suspension fork. It shall be able to absorb the bumpy surface of the road. While a rear suspension can also perform smoothly, it is not mandatory. Consider that the front suspension shall have at least 120mm of travel to provide you with the needed ride smoothness.

One of the most important components of an ebike is tires. They provide the connection with the terrain surface. 

For mountain riding, you shall consider an ebike with 27.5 to 29-inch wheels. This width is sufficient to provide the needed connection with the terrain, they also have a better angle-of-attack. It is an angle which is needed to overcome an obstacle. The smaller it is, the faster you can ride when overcoming such obstacles as a rock, a root, etc. Thus, 29-inch wires are safer but they will make you move slower compared to 27.5-inch tires.

If you live in a place where rains or even snows are frequent, and you use your ebike in all weather conditions, consider wider tires. If you want to choose an electric bike to use in warm climates, a narrower width of tires is fine.

Brakes Are a Guarantee of Your Safety

Brakes are one of the crucial components of an ebike. For downhill riding, good brakes are a must.  They guarantee your safety.

In this case, you get what you pay for. Brakes in cheaper models, will, most likely, not be able to handle loads connected with downhill riding. Our preferred models use double hydraulic line Tektro HD E-525 brakes. They allow you to travel safely and explore places inaccessible to other travelers.

Battery Is Something You Shall Rely on

You don`t want to stay on a mountain peak with a battery discharged, do you? Thus, choose an ebike with a battery that allows you to handle significant distances on a single charge. For example, Delfast bikes are able to take you to up to 300 km on a road. Of course, the distance is shorter if you ride in the mountains but in any case, you can be sure that your battery will not force you to look for emergency solutions.

To Sum up

If you love riding in the mountains, consider purchasing a reliable top-quality ebike. Check every single detail. It provides not only comfort but the needed safety level. 


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