How to change cursor design in your browser?

How to change cursor design in your browser?

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Standard icons or cursors are rather boring and monotonous, so many PC users tend to diversify their desktop. Decorating your workspace is an inevitable and useful process, as unusual icons or cursors cheer you up even in bad weather.

Indeed, the ability to change the cursor existed before, however, in order to install beautiful icons, you had to tinker with third-party programs and other utilities.

Today, the browser cursor can be quickly changed back to the original one using the new "Cursorland" Chrome browser extension. Now you can change the icon of the standard cursor to any other at least every day and you will not have time to get bored with it.

What cursors can be set?

All of us, even as adults, have personal preferences, we have our idols and favorite characters from movies, TV shows, computer games, social networks and even cartoons, and there is nothing surprising in this. Often we want our idols to become a little closer, and for this today you can use all kinds of cursors and themes for various programs and applications. A unique browser extension "Cursorland" is the ability to quickly change the standard cursor to an unusual one. Cursor themes are very different and the most popular include the following:

  • Pokémon.
  • Marvel Universe.
  • Minecraft.
  • Super Mario.
  • Movies and series.
  • Games.
  • Music groups.
  • Sports teams and events.
  • Memes.
  • Cartoons.
  • Harry Potter and more.

There are a lot of favorite characters in the collection, so you can definitely choose a cursor for the cursor to your taste.

How to set an unusual cursor?

Setting the cursor will not take you much time and even a child can handle it. The only difficulty is to choose one of such a huge number of different topics. In order to install a custom cursor, you need to install the "Cursorland" extension in your browser. This is done in a standard way in two clicks. After installing the utility, you will see a huge variety of cursors that you can change at least daily.

So, you have found your favorite character and the cursor you like, hover over it with the mouse and press the "Add" button - this way the cursor will appear in your favorites. Now click on the extension icon and select the new cursor with the left mouse button. That's all, enjoy fun and original cursors.

The extension was created taking into account all the security requirements from Google, so you don't have to worry about the privacy of your personal data. All cursors presented in the catalog are made in vector format, so they are perfectly displayed on any background and in any size - you can change it in the extension settings. Share new cursors with your friends and cheer them up! The program is absolutely free, and new pictures are added every day.

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