How to Boost Your Startups & Investment Plans?

How to Boost Your Startups & Investment Plans?

From Elham Alex

Are you seeking an opportunity to take the initiative for your own business? No doubt, it’s inevitable to take baby steps for a startup.

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Are you seeking an opportunity to take the initiative for your own business? No doubt, it’s inevitable to take baby steps for a startup. But the right way and right place are crucial for capital and equity to invest. So you do not need to worry more. Here, you will get the ideal spots for investment and startups. StartEngine, Wefunder, and Republic are the leading websites for business and entrepreneurship roles that actually work to uplift ground-level business to the sky-high. You can get great ideas and the right solutions to be a successful business owner. 

Let’s brief about them!


StartEngine is basically a crowdfunding website that allows startups to raise funds for their projects widely and accessible. As financial support is as significant as ideas and planning for a business. SE provides a big opportunity for those who want to invest for passive income and those who start a business. This way, StartEngine acts as a bridge between investors and business owners. 

 According to The Jump Start Our Business Act of the Obama regime, business minds can come into the field, even if they’ve no capital to start, and can access crowds for fundraising. If you admit this act like a revolution in Americans’ fate, that would not be wrong to say. 

Working modes of StartEngine

You’ll get the TWO easy-to-access modes at StartEngine to work.

Regulation Crowdfunding 

This is a good option for startups because it’s open to all types of investors and can generate up to $1 million revenue per annum. However, debt and other options are also considered in equity.

Crowdfunding Reg A 

Though, it’s also a great option for startups and investors with a $75 million/year earning potential. But there are some particular regulations from the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission, and both parties are obliged to follow them.


Since 2011, Wefunder has been a hub of entrepreneurs and stands in the first queue to the world-leading equity crowdfunding platforms. It also works to establish The JOBs Act by facilitating investors and startups in one way or another. Business owners can establish a huge capital, and investors can get incredible revenue via investing in both public as well as private companies.

As Wefunder is a user-friendly platform, it assists its users from start to end and throughout the funding and investing process. Mainly, it works for the world’s biggest fields, i.e., Healthcare, Technology, Biotech, Entertainment, Retail, Beverages, and more.

Working modes of Wefunder

Wefunder primarily works on the crowdfunding Reg CF mode. That’s proved to be a goldmine for both startups and investors. Investors participate on a large scale here and raise ample capital for startups. They are also worthwhile for investors by giving them a good return. For this, users can shortlist and filter out the fields and sectors for work as per their wish. On average, Wefunder generates $50k-$5 million net worth for startups just by raising the capital. Whereas investors can start investing even just $100 with a handsome return.


Like other crowdfunding platforms, Republic has also gained more popularity in raising startup funds from the crowd and lucrative investment opportunities. Basically, it’s a particularly New York-based site, but its virtual platform is widely spread over the SIX larger countries of the world. The interface is highly user-friendly and easy to access for all by simply registering here. A wide range of options is available for investors to choose from and invest in.

Being a highly diversified and well-connected platform, Republic provides a lot of startup options for investors, i.e., Real Estate, Blockchain, Arts, Video Games, and various others.

 Working modes of Republic

As Republic is one of the more convenient and hassle-free platforms, its working model is very simple. Just sign up for this site and get a list of startups. The more demanding startups are also highlighted for which more people invest. So, that project will be the best fit to invest in. However, the return policies are already mentioned there. Therefore, investors also have diverse options for choosing a project with a good return.



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