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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what's the worth of your Instagram account? It could be anything, depending on the person. This photo-sharing application is a great platform to become famous.

Getting more followers

Your Instagram popularity is directly related to the number of people that follow you. However, this doesn't mean you follow thousands of people to get hundreds of followers. Famous Instagrammers have thousands or even millions of devotees, but they follow a limited number of people of their interest.

If you think you have started late, using apps like Likesandfollowersclub is an easy way to buy Instagram followers cheap. It starts with 100 followers for a mere $3 and goes all the way up to 10k followers for $70.

Engaging content

The first question you should ask yourself is why would someone follow you? Focus on your feed and think if even you would follow yourself. Being Instagram famous requires interesting and unique content. You have to be different, but relatable at the same time.

There is no replacement for great content. It is the essence of your popularity. Most people follow or like to follow the person who exhibits what they always dreamed of. They are intrigued by the things of their interest. It can be anything such as fitness, traveling, fashion, motivation.

Posting the right way

Presenting your content is as important as the content itself. Using the right hashtags and a witty, well-written caption can do wonders for you. A single post is enough to make you famous if it starts trending on Instagram. It is important to use the most relatable hashtags in your post. Hashtags are key to make a post trend and make you an internet sensation.

Remember, social media is a pool of interesting material nowadays. In order to keep the target audience interested, it is advisable to keep posting different types of things so that they don't get bored of the monotonicity.

Also, keep your audience in the loop about your future posts. Cliffhanger (to end something in such a way that the audience is captivated and is excited for the next part in continuation) is one great way to keep your followers engaged. This keeps them excited about your future work.

Instagram has gone through a lot of changes since its launch. It allows you to enhance your posts by using filters, making collages and GIFs. You can also post stories and go live to interact with your followers. Posting regularly is also important to stay in touch with your followers.

Promoting your stuff

Initially, getting thousands of likes and comments can be really hard. If you trust your content and know it has all the elements that a good post should have, don't shy away from promoting your stuff. The best way to promote is by asking your fellow Instagrammers in the same field of interest such that their audience can relate to your content.

If you don't have any media to promote then there is no dearth of applications that allow you to buy Instagram likes and also buy Instagram comments at a cheap price. Quickfansandlikes, Gaaa are some of the famous ones.

Find your interest and gain knowledge about it

This is something you need to keep in mind before you start. There are a few of my friends who have gained decent fame on Instagram by just pursuing their passion and sharing their experiences. You need to first choose a theme that is in agreement with your interest.

One such example is of my friend working at a software company, who is also a gymaholic. He never misses a day of workouts and makes time for it even on the most hectic days at work. Being a fitness freak, he has gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition, supplements, and workout via books and the Internet.

Almost two years back, he joined Instagram and initially posted about his transformation from 95 kgs to 72kgs which was staggering. This gave a boost to his popularity and followers started pouring in. Since he was a normal guy and no celebrity, many people were inspired and motivated.

They could relate to his posts. Then he started sharing his workout routine, diet schedule, and supplements. Currently, he has 200k followers and counting. He constantly updates his followers and takes their queries by going live or posting videos.

Another example that comes to my mind is of one of my female friends who has about 350k followers. She is a passionate dancer and knows various dance forms like bhangra, hip-hop, fusion. Instagram gave a platform to her to showcase her talent. She constantly posts her dance videos and makes vlogs about her upcoming work.

You can earn money too! If you have a fair bit of fame on Instagram then you can make money from it as well. You can earn from $100-$10000 per post depending on the number of followers you have. Product companies try to capitalize on an individual's fame and market their merchandise.

I will quote the same two examples to show how you can also earn from Instagram. My fitness-freak friend is contacted by a lot of supplement brands to promote their product. He gets almost $500 per post.

Instagram has turned out to be a perfect platform to turn your passion into a business with minimum investment. My female friend whose example I gave before is often contacted by model agencies and cosmetic product companies. She also gets a decent $300-$400 per post.

This is a win-win situation for both the individual and the product companies. Product brands get an ample amount of publicity as people relate more to a common face than a model/celebrity.

Best platform for marketing

Instagram is a good way to skyrocket your business. Today, there are tons of pages on Instagram that are used as a medium to sell products such as apparel, shoes, supplements, cosmetics, and many more things. This has become a good way to interact with prospective buyers.

If you are thinking of promoting your own stuff via Instagram then SnapWidget, Yopto, and ScheduGram are some great apps that can help you to advertise and promote your merchandise.


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