How Software Developers Can Benefit from Remote Work

How Software Developers Can Benefit from Remote Work

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For the past decade, the tech industry has experienced an array of changes. From the COVID pandemic to the ever-changing economic landscape, all these factors have acted as accelerating agents for remote work

According to Global workplace analytics, since 2009, the number of people who work from home has risen by 159%. There might be pros and cons of remote working.

However, one should be aware of appropriate techniques to utilize the online world. As big companies hire software engineers and developers online in this era. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of working online for software developers.

Improve your portfolio

Working with one company means that your portfolio is limited in many cases. With a  regular office coding job, maintaining more than a single mode of making money is a hard task. By allowing employees to work from home, developers can learn more from working on a range of projects.


Due to this, they can add a multitude of projects to their portfolio. As a software developer, you do not want to be restricted to a similar nature of work. Having a variety of projects might play a major role in attracting the right kind of clients in the future. 

Moreover, it exhibits an individual’s capability to multi-task. Being able to maintain multiple projects creates a strong profile online. This improves networking as well as connections in the tech world.

Focus on what matters

There are more financial benefits to working from home. Since it incurs a sense of independence and control, the developer does not feel bound by a certain space. An office cubicle, in some cases, might make a person feel trapped.

There is no doubt in the fact that using one’s own equipment always feels better. Being stuck on an office desk can become very uncomfortable. Moreover, things to worry about when working from an office include commute, lunches, as well as other daily expenditures. 

By working remotely, all of these expenses are significantly cut down. The developer only needs to concentrate on the tasks at hand. 

With a more flexible schedule, it becomes easier to divide time effectively. Along with tasks, one can allocate their time to other activities such as exercise, family needs, etc. 

Work with a global clientele

This can be counted as one of the most prominent advantages of being a remote developer. There are countless opportunities all around the globe. Great coding skills and a strong academic background is important.

However, what really gives your resume that edge is the ability to work with any type of client. It demonstrates a sense of responsibility, strong communication skills, and the willingness to be well-prepared according to any situation.

There are numerous platforms that have posted job openings for all types of developers. An example of such a platform is Gaper. It acts as a marketplace for finding the best software developers for businesses. 

Through this channel, a software developer can get the chance to work with startups and small to medium-sized businesses. It is indeed a great way to take your career to the next level. 

Plus, you do not need to worry about issues such as relocating or finding places to live in other countries. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of an individual’s personal space. 

Mental well being is important

You probably have heard of the term “watercooler talk”. Generally in an office environment, it refers to a talk that takes place between colleagues. Team members or employees may talk about projects, issues, ideas, etc. It is a casual conversation that has the potential to learn into a learning experience.

The same nature of discussion can happen when it comes to companies allowing employees to work from home. With the help of online tools such as Google meet and Cisco, remote workers can stay connected. 

Moreover, concepts and different ideations can be discussed. Since workers can be from locations distributed throughout the world, it promotes learning from each other's perspectives.

Another perk of remote working is the way it reduces mental stress. Coding requires alot of attention to detail. This can be unnerving at times especially if a person is feeling under the weather. 

According to remote work statistics on, 53% of remote employees are less likely to take sick days or annual leaves. This is because they do not need to worry about going to work or being punctual.


There is no doubt that remote development has much more financial benefits to offer when compared with a regular job. As mentioned above, the availability of so many platforms and clients increases the number of opportunities online. 

Plus, it is integral to maintain a balance in any sort of work mode. Otherwise, it could lead to burnout and exhaustion. This must be avoided at all costs. With practice and a well-organized routine, remote development can become a full-time profession.

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