How Many Guests Are on Colosseum Tours?

How Many Guests Are on Colosseum Tours?

From Zain Liaquat

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Do you love learning about ancient Rome? There is somewhere that you have to add to your bucket list. We are referring to the largest amphitheater to date; the Colosseum. You are able to throw yourself into the arena and be a gladiator, imagining what people would have experienced all of those years ago.

If you are currently planning your vacation to Rome, you want to book a tour of the Colosseum in advance. This is a popular attraction, and the tickets sell out quickly. You do not want to be left disappointed.

One question that many tourists ask is, how many guests should you have on the tour with you? There are different tour companies and tickets available, which will affect this number. Here is a guide that will give you the inside scoop.

What is the Common Size of a Colosseum Tour?

You will find that tour companies decide on the size of the group they take around the Colosseum. So, every company is going to be slightly different. The average size is around 15 people. Since this is a popular attraction, it is likely that the tour will contain the maximum amount of people. If you visit during the quieter times, there is a possibility you could have less in your group than stated. However, this is not something you should rely on.

You will find that some experienced tour companies understand the benefits of a smaller group. This is why they will keep the numbers down and offer you plenty of options. For example, this is something that What a Life Tour does. You can book a Roman Colosseum tour on their website and see their various tours. This includes private ones that are around three hours long. Then you have tours that only have five people or you can go up to a maximum of 10 guests. On some of the quieter night tours, there are 12 people since the place is much more relaxed in the evenings.

What are the Benefits of a Smaller Tour Group?

Notably, smaller tour groups often cost more money. They can be named as private or VIP tours, focusing on keeping the group numbers as low as possible. For this extra cost, are smaller groups worth it? Here are some of the advantages of this type of tour, especially regarding the Colosseum.

A Better Learning Experience

You are visiting the Colosseum because you want to learn about what happened here. We are talking about stories of the gladiators, as well as public executions and other forms of entertainment back then. You want to make the most of your trip and ensure you learn as much as possible. This is something that is more possible on smaller tour groups. You are able to hear better and get involved with the stories. Most people find this a better time.

Opportunity to Engage with the Guide

Large tour groups mean that you can be pushed to the back. Not only does this affect your overall experience, but it also means that you lose your opportunity to ask questions. It is tricky to interact with the guide and get more information on topics that interest you. While some people are loud and outspoken, making sure they get their questions answered. But, if you are not naturally used to doing this, you can feel like you have lost your opportunity.

More Comfortable Experience

The Colosseum is a busy attraction in Rome. It is always one of the most recommended places to go, which means that most tourists make a beeline for the attraction first thing in the day. It is difficult to go there and not experience crowds and busyness. Therefore, anything you can do to improve your experience will be worth it. For many people, this is paying more for a smaller tour group. This way, you are walking around with fewer people and can have a more intimate experience.

Better for Children

Are you taking young children with you to experience the Colosseum? It can be a fantastic and educational day out for the whole family. But, you have to remember that children can be hard to entertain sometimes. So, you have to adapt a tour to ensure they stay engaged and in a good mood. We all know that it can be difficult to change things around when your child is having a tantrum.

Generally, it is recommended to choose a small tour group if you have kids. It is easier for them to listen and see everything. They are not stuck behind tall people and unable to see the guide. The whole experience is enhanced for the family this way. When you have a happy child, you have contented parents.

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