How Long Does a Kitchen Backsplash Last?

How Long Does a Kitchen Backsplash Last?

From Sohail Ahmad

Tile is a very durable product and can easily last in a backsplash for 25-30 years or more. However, it may differ based on the type of materials used.

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Nowadays, many homeowners use backsplash to add a lot of personality to their kitchen. But, it is really meant to protect the plaster or cast iron from splashing from a sink or from grease, oil, and food stains from an appliance like a stove.

 It is safe to say that your kitchen backsplash will last for decades. Still, the longevity may differ based on the type of material used and the excellence of the backsplash installation.


How Long Does a Kitchen Backsplash Last?

With proper installation, the backsplash tile will last for many years. Tile is a very durable product and can easily fulfill its decorative function in a backsplash for 25-30 years or more. In most of the cases, it will not be a problem of longevity, but of appearance. Let's say that in 10 to 15 years, you may just want to replace the old projection plate with a new and modern product.

Porcelain tiles are probably the most durable option. Ceramics and glass are not as durable as porcelain, can also last for years. These materials do not deform when wet and keep their vibrant colors for a long time. Although your tile can remain intact for decades, keep in mind that the grout will need to be replaced sooner as it wears. Also, you may have to replace stains and cracks after a few years.

A homeowner will usually want to replace their backsplash for one of two reasons. To replace an outdated design with a more modern one, as styles change over the years. Or to replace a tile with signs of damage such as cracks or shards.

 When to Update Your Kitchen Backsplash?

It's okay to want to update your home from time to time. And the backsplash can transform your entire kitchen! Here are a few signs that say you should update your kitchen backsplash:

1. Other parts of your kitchen have been updated. The redecoration mistake bites us all. You may have recently installed new cabinets, new counters, or new stainless steel appliances that hit your splash guard. It is important to assess what updates your kitchen needs. If you've traded in your white cabinets for a darker wood, your old dark backsplash could darken the kitchen.

An easy way to make the space more open is to opt for a lighter tile option. Each part of the kitchen should complement the others. If the backsplash does not match the rest of the room, it may need to be replaced

 2. Your kitchen is outdated. Do you mind having the latest and the best in clothing, technology, and music? If so, you may also want your home to reflect current styles.

Trends come and go, but if your home is going to be stylish, you must be prepared to adapt to those trends. There are countless trends right now, and it's just for splashing! Don't even tell us about the latest trends in countertops and cabinets.

Some of the most fashionable materials today are wood, reflective mirrors, tin foil, bright colors, concrete, textured tiles, bronze, and slate paint, among others. Take a look at Pinterest, and you can find hundreds of different materials that can be used to create a backsplash. With so many options, there will surely be something that matches your personality!

As with fashion, home designs come and go in style. So, if you choose a trendy backsplash, keep in mind the financial commitment you make to change your kitchen every two years, rather than every ten years.

3. Accidents happen. The kitchen is a space that you are supposed to create, and the creative process can sometimes include destruction. Mistakes happen, and there are few things that can force you to buy a new backsplash.

Replacing a cracked tile in your splash guard can be a simple solution, especially if you have tiles leftover from the initial installation. It can be as modest as removing the cracked tile and laying a new one.

However, not everyone upholds additional tiles. Sometimes you may get pushed aside because you think, "when am I going to need ten more pieces of tiles?"

Well the answer is now! 

If it's you, you can try to find the corresponding tile in a store. If you are lucky, you will find it, and it will be an easy solution. Unfortunately, if you've had your current backsplash for a decade, it can be hard to find a perfect match. Therefore, your last option is to replace the backsplash.

Renovation tip: Find out why your tiles are cracking. Was it broken by something you did, or could there be another problem to solve? Check before replacing the tile.

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