How efficient is Kratom for losing weight?

How efficient is Kratom for losing weight?

From Syed Kashif Ali

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In 2016, a poll taken by WHO found out that 1.8 billion adults aged 18 and above were found to be overweight, out of which 651 million adults were found to be obese.

Obesity is a serious health concern worldwide these days. And a major part of the demographic is seen to adopt very drastic measures to lose weight, like cutting calories and very strict diets both of which can be dangerous.

These calorie-cutting techniques if not measured and done properly often cause more harm then good, some people even turn to weight loss supplements. These supplements are sometimes even more dangerous than cutting calories because of the adverse side effects that these supplements have on our bodies. 

However, one supplement that is often overlooked for its weight reduction capabilities is Kratom, it is sourced naturally from a tree that is found in the Southeast Asian regions of the world make it a plus point. You may be wondering, why not many people talk about it being a supplement for weight loss? We are going to discuss how exactly it helps with weight loss.

What causes obesity?

Kratom is used by people all over the world for a variety of reasons. One of the more underrated positive effects of it is its weight loss effect. People often tend to turn to more well-known products when it comes to supplements, like Garcinia cambogia extract and Hydroxycut, while Kratom is forgotten. 

There several causes for obesity, lack of physical activity, genetics and overeating are few of the causes of obesity. Overeating, however, is one of the major causes of obesity, high-calorie diets and lack of physical activity. There are a few medical conditions related to obesity or in other terms there are a few medical conditions that are known to cause obesity in individuals, like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome. However, it was found that most that are obese have not been diagnosed with these conditions. Such cases would suggest that a major cause of obesity is improper food habits and lack of physical activity.

How does Kratom help with weight loss?

These supplement manufacturers often claim that the products they manufacture are specifically engineered to assist people in losing weight. These products from time to time do live up to the claims that these manufacturers make, but the results, however, most times vary from person to person. 

With Kratom, it can be guaranteed that it can help people of all ages to lose weight. It does this by acting as an appetite suppressor, this makes people feel less hungry and so they end up eating much lesser. How is it different from other supplements?

Almost all of these supplements have caffeine present in them, this caffeine present in the supplements speed up metabolism. Caffeine is known for the crash it causes, called the caffeine crash, individuals that have consumed high amounts of caffeine feel irritable, loss of concentration, shaky and fatigue. These symptoms can be very hard to deal with when you are work or at college or school, the only way you can get rid of this caffeine crash is to eat. 

Kratom, on the other hand, does not contain caffeine but produces a similar stimulating effect. A positive aspect of consuming it for weight loss can be the fact that you don’t have to experience the side effects of a caffeine crash. 

To lose weight healthily and safely will require a proper diet and regular exercise. People often get tired or feel fatigued after a meal or after exercising, for these reasons Kratom is great because it has properties that help boost energy levels.

It is seen to boost energy, even consumed at low doses, this a great benefit of consuming Kratom that other supplements don’t offer.

One of the major causes of obesity would be a poor diet. Obese and overweight people have uncontrollable cravings and often find it difficult to ignore these cravings. Most dietary supplements do not do much to suppress cravings. Kratom on the other is excellent for suppressing cravings because it contains alkaloids that satisfy cravings.

While consuming Kratom for its weight loss effects, it’s good to also get to know about the possible side effects that it can have. The side effects that it causes are minor, like nausea. However, this occurs only when it is consumed in large doses and quickly. This side effect can be easily avoided if the user makes sure not to consume more than 7-8 grams at once.

Should you try Kratom for weight loss?

Kratom, in general, is safe, there might be a slight chance that you might feel some side effects but the chances of you feeling side effects are close to none. As long as you consume Kratom incorrect and moderate doses you’ll be able to experience its benefits. 

Can Every Kratom Help?

Well, it depends on the choice of strain that you choose. The consistency of the Kratom should be taken into consideration. Buy Kratom from some of the trusted vendors in the USA like Kay Botanicals would be the best choice to obtain the purest form of Kratom strains. Quality assured Kratom will help you in a very convincing way. Try not to mix the strains without the knowledge of the professional consultation. Reading about your recommended Kratom strains will give you the idea of the working and efficiency of the Kratom. 

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