How do you get rid of your old smartphone by 2022?

How do you get rid of your old smartphone by 2022?

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With an ever-growing number of new smartphones coming onto the market each year, the need to upgrade is high. Although the average time for replacing smartphones has risen up to the equivalent of 33 months it is possible that you have several devices in your drawer or closet that other people are willing to purchase.

About 1.5 billion phones were sold every year in recent years but that's not even including the number of devices that are resold through third-party marketplaces. In a time where smartphones are priced at upwards of $1000 many consumers are turning to second-hand phones that are sold by resellers who are on eBay, Amazon, and Swappa. In this article we'll guide you through the process of determining what your old device could be worth, the best place you can sell it and how to prepare it for posting.

Deciding on what to eliminate

A bit of spring cleaning can be therapeutic and lucrative. It's good to clear out your old junk, make space and line your pockets at the same time. The first step is to decide what you want to sell and what to keep, so go through your closets and pull out your old phones for a look.

There are many good motives to hold onto the old phone instead of selling it such as: You may be planning to gift it to your child, or perhaps you'd like to have a backup plan in the event that your current phone is damaged, or maybe you've transformed it into an innovative home gadget.

Look for the boxes and the accessories

If you own a smartphone that you've decided to dispose of it's an excellent idea to locate the box that came with it and all the accessories that were included with it. Look around and try to dig into the box as well as the original cable, sell cell phone online charger, earphones, and everything else that was inside the moment you opened the box. This can be a big difference not just to the cost you can ask for but also how easy it is to package into a box and then ship.

What's the value of your old phone worth?

A brand new phone, packed with all items that came with it, is definitely worth more than a scratched phone that has no charger or box. To get the highest possible value for your used phone, you'll be required to conduct some investigation.

Most of the time, the best prices are from an individual sale to someone else, but it's also the most risky sale method. Trade-ins are straightforward and simple, however they don't earn you as much cash and payment is usually through credit or cash back on the purchase of a new phone. Selling directly to businesses that sell older electronics may be the most efficient method to dispose of a faulty smartphone however it is the lowest. Below, we'll look into these three strategies.

If you choose to utilize eBay or Craigslist You'll have to research and discover the right price to establish. Consider yourself looking for a buyer to purchase for the device you're offering. Find listings and compare the prices. Seek out ads that are similar to the price you're offering in terms of the condition and accessories.

Unlocked phones can fetch more

The network that your phone is locked can affect the price. Unlocked phones that can be used and activated by any carrier will always attract the highest prices, so it's worth unlocking your phone prior to selling it. Take a look at our complete guide on unlocking phones for more information.

Deciding the location to sell

There are three ways to sell. You can directly sell to a third party using an internet-based marketplace. or you can exchange it to get credit or sell it to a business.

Marketplaces allow sellers to sell their products.

The best prices will be obtained when selling privately, however this means you'll need to create a captivating list, look through offers, possibly bargain on the price, and then deal with the packaging of the phone or finding an individual to give the phone over.

People who use Craigslist are willing to pay more in order to save the inconvenience of waiting, however, it's not going to meet the needs of everyone selling. You must be ready to take pictures and create a listing and then take on offers from potential buyers and follow up with the successful buyer to trade your phone in exchange for cash. To get a more thorough review, read our guide to how to sell your phone on Craigslist.

The second option that is the most appealing in terms of cost is eBay, however you need to be aware of the fees for eBay as well as your cost of shipping and packaging. On eBay it is possible to gamble and put your smartphone up to auction or simply choose the price you'd like. For a rough idea of possible auction prices, go to eBay for listings that match your smartphone and make sure to check the box for Listings sold beneath the heading Show Only on the left-hand side of eBay site in your browser. You'll have to take pictures of your phone and write a comprehensive listing, and then pack together and mail your phone to the bidder who won. Make sure you know the cost of shipping prior to the auction to avoid getting a shock as we've not always found the postage calculator that is built into eBay to be precise. For more information, refer to our article on selling through eBay.

Chris DeGraw/Digital TrendsChris DeGraw/Digital TrendsChris DeGraw/Digital

There are other platforms which allow you to sell your phone, however the one we suggest is Swappa. There are several safeguards implemented to stop fraud, which makes it a more secure location to purchase used phones. It is required to provide an authenticated photo of your phone and your IMEI or ESN for a blacklist verification. Every listing is examined by a group of experts in mobile devices. Most importantly, Swappa has a fixed price for listings upfront, so you'll never have to pay an unanticipated amount following the sale. But, it is important to include postage costs into the price, and be ready to ship and package the item when it is sold.

Exchange your phone for a trade-in

It's easy to sell your device. You will be able to estimate the price by answering a few questions on the appropriate website. Some sites, such as Amazon offer an unpaid shipping label that you can print which you'll have to pack the device and ship it. With Verizon You also have the option of taking the device to a retail store to get it appraised, and then trade it in.

A majority of trade-in offers will offer you credit that is only used by the particular retailer or give you money towards a brand new phone. Make sure you know that the price you receive from the trade-in deal is determined after they have examined the device. 

Sell to a business

The most effective way to receive cash for your phone is to offer it to a company who purchases used phones. Similar to the trade-in service it is possible to get an estimate on the internet by answering a few questions. The price is typically fair and is locked for a set time. But, you'll only be paid after the device is received and checked.

One of the nice advantages of many of these companies is that they give you the package that includes prepaid postage. So all you need to do is pack your phone, put it inside, and then forward it to the service. If you're looking to trade in your gadget directly and directly, then a few small independent phone stores may offer cash on the spot. EcoATM also has kiosk services typically located in an outlet mall which allows you to place your device into the machine. The machine checks the device, then makes an offer of cash in exchange for accepting the offer, you will receive cash on the moment. You will require an official ID from the government to prove your identity.

Its EcoATM program is part of the Gazelle brand and we recommend it as the best option when selling your phone to a business. It's a reliable service that's user-friendly.

How do you wipe your phone clean?

It's crucial to ensure that you log out of your accounts on your mobile and wipe it clean before selling it. There are two points to take into consideration: firstly you must back up all of your important files , and ensure that nobody is able to access them and then, you have to switch off your Activation Lock or Factory Reset Protection.

We've got instructions for how to backup the data on your Android smartphone as well as how to backup an iPhone using iCloud. You may also want to read our tips regarding changing to iPhone for Android or the reverse and vice versa, since it provides information on how to transfer photos as well as contacts as well as other files.

If all your data is protected, we recommend shutting down all accounts associated with the phone that you're selling, before wiping it. Also, switch it off, take out your SIM card. You should also use the MicroSD card, if you own one. Switch it back on, and make sure it's got at least 50 percent battery longevity. Now, it's time to clean it.

How to list your phone

When you've reset the factory settings on your smartphone, take it off using a soft microfiber towel. If you're looking for a buy-back, trade-in or selling to a company such as EcoATM and EcoATM, then you're able to move on to this section.

If you're selling your product on an online platform like eBay You'll have to create your listing. Photograph your smartphone under bright lighting. Also, consider taking photos of the packaging as well as any original accessories you could find. If you find any damages or damage to your phone make sure to include the damage in your listing and capture it for the sake of avoiding dispute later on.

In order to access a marketplace like Swappa it is necessary to supply your IMI. By opening your dialer and typing *#06# will be the most straightforward method of finding it, however, we've got an instruction for how to verify your IMEI numbers on all phones and also offers other methods.

Some buyers on websites like eBay may ask for your IMEI number as they wish to ensure that the phone isn't being blocked following being reported stolen or lost. You must use your own decision on whether to disclose your IMEI number, but you shouldn't ever share your IMEI number in a publicly available listing. For more in-depth information about IMEI numbers, please read our post on the fraudulent use of phone numbers.

When you create your list, make sure you include the most detailed information you can. Be honest concerning the overall condition of the device, and list any additional features that are included together, and include the lock on a particular carrier or not.

What do you do with the cases and accessories that you bought

You're likely to have picked the right case for your smartphone, perhaps even two. Perhaps you purchased a charger, dock charging wirelessly, portable battery or other gadget to accompany it. Verify that your device is compatible with the new phone you purchased. If it is, you may prefer to save it. If not, you may want to think about selling it or offering it for donation.

If you're selling your items on eBay or other platforms, then adding an item like a case could attract more buyers. Unfortunately, there's not much of a demand for secondhand cases. Therefore, it's unlikely that you'll be able to sell it on your own in the event that it's attractive and in good condition.

If you have things you don't want to keep, and aren't able to sell, you can try freecycle to try to find an individual who would benefit from the item. If you're looking for a last resort recycling is possible for many items from the Best Buy. For batteries, it's worth looking up the Call2Recycle.

How do you package and ship your smartphone

If you're sending your phone for delivery, we recommend charging it, then pressing the power button for a few seconds before switching off the power. When it comes to trade-in deals or selling to companies that require a review of the phone prior to releasing payments, sending a fully charged phone can speed up the process.

The most secure way to pack your phone is to look for the original box, and then put it in it. The majority of smartphone boxes are made to be durable and protect the phone while it is in transit. A smartphone box that is placed inside an envelope that is padded should be completely safe to ship. If you're unable to find an original container, we recommend you find a different robust and sturdy box. Make sure that your phone is securely packed and wrapped to ensure that it doesn't shift and be damaged during transport.

It is important to ensure that the smartphone you purchase is monitored. Select a service that has the number of a tracking system and then give it to your purchaser. If the buyer doesn't receive the phone and you don't give a tracking number, you won't have proof it was delivered and you'll be held accountable. The purchaser will be reimbursed but you'll have difficulties recouping the money.

It's equally important to select the right postal service provider that offers the right amount of protection. If the phone gets damaged or destroyed during transit, the seller will be accountable, and the buyer will be returned. While you might be able to submit a claim through postage companies, it'll require time and only reimburse you a certain amount of the amount you have choice of postage covers.

Selling a smartphone that has cracked screens

It's not uncommon to find an iPhone with some damages when you're trying to sell it, particularly the notoriously cracked screen. Here's what you need to be aware of.

Always find out if your warranties allow for a replacement screen that isn't expensive. If your device is about a year old (especially in the case of the extended warranty) There's an excellent chance that you will replace the screen and get the cost recouped when you decide to sell the phone. The simple replacement of the screen could make a difference of $100-$200 to the value of a smartphone, which is why it might be worth it to cover the cost of replacement on your own in some instances.

But, you'll still be able to swap a broken phone, however, you have to be more cautious and accept that you will not receive the amount of money you would have received. Refurbishment firms will be happy to take a phone in a broken condition in good shape, so that they can repair it and then sell it to another. We suggest starting the process by using well-known reliable websites such as or Decluttr who have vast knowledge of broken electronics and will be certain to buy your device from you. It is important to understand that you may not get more than $50 or more, depending on the model of your phone, however, you're guaranteed to receive some sort of reward.

However other websites that allow phone exchanges such as eBay and many of other platforms discussed earlier have distinct sections to indicate when you think the quality of your phone is in doubt or if you're trading it in to purchase components that are not functioning.

You may be in a situation in which you've a phone's screen that's too damaged to be used properly. In this situation we recommend connecting the phone to your computer so that you can clean the screen and then reset it before you attempt to sell it. Don't skip this crucial step.

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