How Do I Know If I’m Drinking Enough Water?

How Do I Know If I’m Drinking Enough Water?

From Thomas Pandey

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Around 60 percent of the human body is made up of water and around 71 percent of the planet’s surface is covered with water. Even our blood it’s 90 percent water. Without the existence of water, there would be no you and me. That fact alone will tell you how drinking water is crucially important. Since there is water everywhere, from huge oceans to water molecules throughout the air, the ability of water to dissolve so many substances allows our cells to use valuable nutrients minerals, and chemicals in biological properties. If you lose as less as 2 percent of your body’s water, you’ll be dehydrated. And we don’t want that, here’s why.


Benefits of Drinking Water and Avoiding Dehydration

Our brain is strongly influenced by our hydration status. If we don’t drink enough water, that can be tricky for our brain function.

 It will also increase the frequency of a headache. Drinking enough water can prevent bowel movement difficulties and kidney stones. It dilutes the concentration of minerals created in the kidney or urinary system, so they’re less likely to form clumps.

It is also very good for hangovers. When we drink alcohol, our body gets dehydrated. It is really important to drink water between drinks and a big glass of water before we sleep, so we can avoid headaches and dry mouths. We don’t want that.

Regulates body temperature. Water restores in the middle layers of skin and comes to the skin surface as sweat when the body heats up. Scientists have suggested that, when there is too little water in your body, heat storage increases and you will be less able to tolerate heat strain.

Dehydration happens when we use and lose more water than our body takes in. So, if you’re feeling thirsty all the time, feeling tired, or peeing fewer than 4 times a day, you should consider drinking more water and eating food that contains water, such as cucumber, watermelon, apples, etc.



How Much Watter Should You Drink Per Day

If our body is made up of 60 percent water, then why should we drink water? The body constantly loses water throughout the day, through urine and sweat. It is really important to keep the body hydrated in those cases with food and water.

Health experts recommend drinking approximately 6-8 glasses of water, which equals about 2 liters. But there are few studies regarding this. However, it all depends and that may vary on each person. For example, if you suffer from thyroid, drinking too much water can actually be bad for you. But if you have diabetes, then drinking more water is good for you. A general rule for healthy people is to drink two to three cups of water per hour.



Does it matter what kind of water should we drink: Tap Water vs Bottle Water

It really doesn’t make a difference if you drink tap water or bottled water. They both are great and that depends on individual preferences. If you are an environmentalist, then you probably choose tap water, considering it costs less and there’s no need to promote companies that use plastics. And usually, people who drink bottled water, probably don’t like the taste of tap water. If you wish to save the planet but you can’t stand the taste of tap water, then you might probably consider filtering the water with a  reverse osmosis system. While it removes the chemicals from your drinking water, such as chlorine and sediment, chemicals that leave that taste in tap water. In this way, you will save the planet by drinking tap water and saving money.


Drinking more water and staying hydrated may help with some health issues, such as constipation, urinary infections, kidney stones, and skin dehydration. Whether it’s 3-6 or 6-8 cups of water per day, the main thing is to drink that water daily. Just get to know your body and you will see for yourself how much you should drink, based on your medical status, where you live, how much you sweat and what you eat. Water can be found in food as well. It doesn’t matter if you choose tap water or bottled water, it matters if you are drinking enough of it.

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