How Do Astrological Predictions Create Karma?

How Do Astrological Predictions Create Karma?

From Olga Iskara

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What Is Karma?

Karma, an ancient Sanskrit word that can be translated to action, work, or deeds, is a major concept in some Eastern religions, including Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The philosophy of karma is closely connected with the idea of rebirth. The fascinating idea of karma was originally from ancient India but is now known all over the world.

When people speak about karma, they often do not really understand what they are talking about. We use this term with great casualness without caring too much about its actual meaning. People say that their karma is simply their bad fortune.

Karma is not what we usually think of as bad or good fortune; rather, it is our responsibility.

What we call our lives is an amount of energy controlled and charged by certain information. You become unique because of the information that influences your life. Some people may become different just because a specific type of information has gotten into them. This information is your karma.

In this read, we see karma from a different point of view. We are combining the study of karma with astrology. Each star sign of the Zodiac has their own karmic tendencies, and here we will tell you more about them.

What are the karmic tendencies of Pisces? What should Pisceans do to make their karma more positive? Is it possible for them to change their karma? What is the global task of Gemini? What should they do to improve their karma?

Some Zodiac signs need to teach others to express themselves through communication, some need to help others combat loneliness. Some signs just need to say a kind word. Every Zodiac sign has their own way of improving their karma.

So, what is your Zodiac sign’s karma and how to make it better? Let’s explore your sign’s karma now.

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