How difficult it is to get an endorsement from the tech-city

How difficult it is to get an endorsement from the tech-city

From Imran Ali

t has often been observed how difficult it is to get any visa for immigration let alone a tier 1 exceptional talent visa.

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It has often been observed how difficult it is to get any visa for immigration let alone a tier 1 exceptional talent visa. It is a part of the Global Talent Visa.  During much of our research, we found that many people often gave up before even starting the process because they felt they weren’t good enough as it requires you to have a Global Talent. However, we don’t believe that you are not good enough, it probably is the list of requirements that has you freaked out. It would do you good to consult an immigration solicitor and get yourself some global talent consulting.

There are hundreds and thousands of people applying for tier 1 exceptional talent visa but only a handful of them get through. The competition is fierce and people who do not take global talent consulting or help from immigration solicitors end up loosing. Many of these applicants have complained that the requirements for tier 1 exceptional visa are quite vague and they couldn’t understand them. 

There are two major stages that you need to complete in order to receive your tier 1 exceptional visa. One is getting endorsed and second is completing your application. Sounds simple enough. Well, it is not and it could be with the help of an immigration solicitor.

For a digital technology related tier 1 exceptional talent visa you need to apply to tech nation for an endorsement. It is the designated body for the field of digital technology. You can learn more about the same if you opt for global talent consulting. 

The first step of receiving endorsement is more difficult than the second part of the rest of the application. Under the endorsement, you need to prove yourself as an innovator and a developer. You need to provide proof of regular learning and your capability in the field by being a key part of a digital tech firm. It can be your own start-up or you could have played a key role in the innovation and development of some other firm. You can also show your products, patents, copyrights etc so as to prove your abilities in the field.

To apply for endorsement you need to fill two applications. One is for tech nation and the other one is for the home office. This application can be made from any part or corner of the world. All processes are mostly virtual and all details can be found on the tech nation’s website. The approval of your endorsement will be given to you by the home office and not by tech nation directly. All processes have to go through the home office.

Once you have received your letter of endorsement, well for the one you should be happy and ecstatic. Jokes aside, you need to make your application for tier 1 exceptional visa within 3 months of receiving your letter of endorsement. Also, please remember that receiving the letter of endorsement does not mean your visa is approved. You need to pass the second stage of the visa process too.

The tier 1 exceptional talent visa is granted for 5 years. You can also apply for permanent residency once you fulfil the required residential requirements. Most people apply for this visa as they plan to permanently live in the UK as they feel it to be more suited to their needs.

In the case that your endorsement application is rejected then you don’t have to feel dejected. You can either make a new application with new supporting documents to show and prove your eligibility or you can submit your current application for review. The review however can only be used one time and no additional documents can be added during it.

There are two types of tier 1 exceptional visa applications. One is an exceptional talent and the other is the exceptional promise. We have already discussed the exceptional talent part. Now, let us discuss the exceptional promise. The tier 1 exceptional promise visa is the one where someone shows potential to be expert in the field if provided with right guidance and support and fulfils all eligibility requirements to be an immigrant.

So, hope all the above information has helped you understand that it is difficult to get a tier 1 exceptional talent visa but not impossible. Try to connect with an immigration solicitor who will be able to provide you with appropriate global talent consulting.

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