How Contractors Can Improve Their Commercial Roofing Sales!

How Contractors Can Improve Their Commercial Roofing Sales!

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All construction companies and roofing professionals understand just how important marketing and closing ratios are, and many roofing companies struggle when it comes to landing commercial leads and references for a whole variety of reasons.

The good news is that there are high-quality commercial roofing sales training programs from companies like Sales Transformation Group that go a long way towards supporting a roofing company’s sales team. Although there are many different ways that you can ultimately improve your commercial roofing sales, the following are some must-do strategies to boost your bottom line!

Improving Your Online Presence

Word-of-mouth marketing is great for every roofing business, but you simply cannot rely upon this type of strategy to ensure your long-term success. Every construction and roofing business MUST invest in their online presence, because you’ll inevitably be losing out to your competition by not doing so.

Many of your best leads will be facing rather urgent roofing issues, and in these scenarios they’ll turn to the Web to ask certain questions and ultimately find the best roofing company to meet their needs. You’ll want to be the business that answers these questions via search engines and provides solutions to leads and potential clients. So if you’re not currently ranking on the first page of Google search results for your most valuable keywords, then it’s time to re-do your marketing strategy.

Boosting online presence also means remaining active on social media platforms, because this will help you grow a reliable audience that will then be your indirect references.

Effective Communication Skills With Customers & Leads

No one can rely on leads following up after first interactions and conversations, and this is exactly where your sales specialists come in to seal contracts and work for your entire company. The vast majority of commercial roofing sales aren’t finalized until after the 5 contact, so it’s absolutely critical that your sales team stays vigilant and follows up with prospects when necessary.

Your sales reps should also be following up with existing customers as well, because this will help ensure future referrals and overall client satisfaction. Nurturing your existing clientele will typically lead to positive online reviews, which will go a long way towards providing trust and confidence in your future leads.

Developing Your Own Referral Program 

Referrals are always going to be a huge way for your roofing company to grow, and this is one of the top reasons why nurturing your existing customers is so important. You’ll need to do everything that you can to spread the word around about your business to potential leads, and creating a referral program can be exactly what your business needs to ensure these types of customer-to-customer interactions.

The general point of a referral program is to provide an incentive to existing customers, which usually comes in the form of money or gift cards for each referral they provide. Everyone will feel more inclined to support your referral program when you provide a little something in return, and this also better ensure your client satisfaction while getting your existing customers to do some of your marketing for you!

Showcasing Your Past Work 

Everyone wants to see examples of your past work, so you’ll need to showcase these types of pictures/videos on social media, your website, via email newsletters and much more. Providing a portfolio online will make it easier for potential leads to verify your company’s overall credibility, which then increases your chances for a conversion.

And the best thing you can do with this strategy is invest in high-quality pictures and videos. Everyone appreciates a professionally-made video as compared to a one-clip phone edit, so get in touch with local videographers in your area to get the very best content quality!

SEO Strategies

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it truly is the future of inbound marketing strategies for every business no matter what industry you’re in. For commercial roofing companies, SEO strategies are the most effective way to boost online presence via long-term investments.

You simply aren’t going to get leads if you’re not ranking on the first page of your most valuable SERPs (search engine results pages), so outsourcing your SEO strategies to industry specialists will get you and your online presence to where it needs to be!

Consider Investing In A Commercial Roofing Sales Training Program To Bring Your Roofing Company To New Heights!

The above strategies are just a small part of what you’ll learn when you invest in a commercial roofing sales training program via companies like Sales Transformation Group, and you can learn more about these programs by clicking through the link at the top of the campaign page!

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