How Can Your Wedding Make a Difference to the World?

How Can Your Wedding Make a Difference to the World?

From Syed Kashif Ali

The overall trend when it comes to fundraising is up, reports a study from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project,

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The overall trend when it comes to fundraising is up, reports a study from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, which researchers stating that the current health crisis has made people more interested in contributing to a better world. Altruism can be expressed in many ways, ranging from donations to events so if ‘giving back’ appeals, why not plan a wedding with a difference? Sustainability, charitable support, and working alongside local communities are all ways to leave your community in a better place than it was before your celebration.

Rethinking Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are usually given with the best of intentions, but a survey by Coinstar Exchange has found that one in five gifts are returned and that couples have an average of two unredeemed gift cards in their homes. It is logical to want to hang on to presents, especially if you have just bought a home or you are starting out and need basics like kitchen equipment and other essentials. However, if you have these items already, why not suggest that guests make a donation one or more chosen causes? Doing so can be a real sigh of relief for guests who may be at a loss as to what you need and who themselves wish to make an authentic difference instead of giving you a gift that you may not want or need. Celebrity Kaley Cuoco (of Big Bang Theory) and her husband, Karl Cook showed guests how it’s done, asking for donations for their chosen animal shelter.

Measuring Your Wedding’s Carbon Footprint

The average wedding emits 56 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, with factors such as transport, food, flowers, and even wedding fashion leaving their mark. Polyester, one of the most popular choices for wedding gowns, for instance, is made from petroleum, while the meat industry causes around 14.5% of all global greenhouse emissions. The good news is that celebrating a green wedding is easy if you take a few steps. Just a few ideas you might consider include wearing a pre-loved wedding dress and accessories, hosting a micro-wedding, providing an electric shuttle bus to guests, and serving plant-based dishes at your reception. Keep it local if you can and research available catering venues, choosing one with a trusted sustainability policy that includes water saving and the use of renewable energies. Instead of buying cut flowers, you might think of using fabric or paper flowers and use potted flowers for your table décor.

Working with Local Suppliers

Find out if there are any small groups or businesses in your local community that could use your business. Services to watch out for range from calligraphy for your invitations right through to graphic design for online invitations, wedding favors, and music. By bringing a local element into your celebration, you can lend character to your wedding and connect local businesses and groups with potential clients.

Weddings are a celebration of love, so what better way to rejoice in marrying your loved one than by throwing a ‘giving’ wedding? There are so many ways that you can leave a positive mark on your community — for instance, by making donations instead of asking for gifts and by putting sustainability at the top of your list. You can also support local suppliers and professionals, enabling them to share their talents, skills, and abilities with the people you love.

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