How Can Brands Increase Customer Engagement With Email and S

How Can Brands Increase Customer Engagement With Email and S

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Nowadays, customer engagement is cardinal when growing a business. In any case, an ideal marketing strategy is much-needed. Such a plan puts you head and shoulder above the competition. 

SMS and email marketing is a seamless way to create an automated engagement platform. Additionally, personalized emails and SMS have tested results. 

Why do brands need both SMS and email marketing?

Brands require both channels for a customer-centric communiqué. While SMS is good for quick responses, email is great for in-depth customer rapport.  

An email marketing campaign, for instance, offers a broader insight into consumers’ tastes and preferences. Equally important, a combo of both platforms is a proven way to double outreach.

The distinction between email and SMS

Whereas Short Message Service (SMS) uses brief texts, email is more professional. The former is the least exploited medium and a great marketing customer retention arsenal. 

Better still, email is efficient for brands to stay in touch with their customers. It is also a perfect way to present long-format content like a newsletter. 

When to use SMS and email marketing, and their application

SMS is useful when communicating time-bound updates. To get the full potential of the channel, a brand should know its clients well and target them with clear broadcasting. 

On the flip side, email comes in handy when sharing info with a regular audience. It goes well with customized email automation tools. In any case, a short and sweet welcome email with catchy images does the trick. 

SMS marketing

Why does SMS marketing matter?

SMS lets you send and receive texts through a mobile device. They are brief and straight to the point. Automated SMS marketing is a form of opt-in function from a subscription list. 

Is SMS marketing effective?

Of importance to note, SMS has a high open rate. It is cost-effective and only requires a good messaging structure. 

Email marketing

What email marketing means, and why does it matter?

It is a direct marketing channel through an electronic mailing service. Certainly, an email marketing automation tool makes it easy to tailor content to a given demographic. 

Uses of email marketing

Email marketing enables a brand to create deep-rooted associations with current and past buyers.

Which is better between email and SMS marketing?

Given a choice between SMS and email, have both. Email is the most preferred way of sending and receiving mass texts. On the contrary, an SMS marketing campaign is suitable for sharing promotions. 

Email marketing and SMS in relation to customer engagement

Both channels have a personal touch. What is more? They seamlessly provide the most relevant offers to customers. SMS marketing automation, for instance, is convenient with an excellent experience. 

How does a brand benefit from texting and emailing customers?

One great benefit of combining both SMS and emails is interoperability. With omnichannel SMS marketing, one can cross-share data. Unquestionably, each is perfect for enhanced brand awareness. 

Should a brand invest in email and SMS marketing?

Yes. Every enterprise should invest in both SMS and email marketing.

Look no further for an automated marketing service. Retainly is a versatile customer engagement platform for automated email, SMS and push notifications. It is an objective and permissioned service that lets you reach out to those interested in your brand.

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