How Amazing Charts EMR Streamline Clinical Workflow?

How Amazing Charts EMR Streamline Clinical Workflow?

From Ben Allen

Streamlining the healthcare matrix means a commitment to improvement. It is not just related to administrative processes but includes patient-relevant processes too. Therefore, you have to practice a workflow aimed at...

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Streamlining the healthcare matrix means a commitment to improvement. It is not just related to administrative processes but includes patient-relevant processes too. Therefore, you have to practice a workflow aimed at improving the patient experience by introducing innovative care functionalities. There’s one software that can help you with that; Amazing Charts EMR.

Experts claim that this remarkable EHR fights back all the problems thrown at practitioners with utter efficiency. But what’s so special about Amazing Charts? What does it feature that makes it unique? How is it better than other EMR platforms? Read this piece by FindEMR to find an answer to all these questions. 

Amazing Charts EMR

In the EMR market, Amazing Charts paved its way to the top in no time because of its reliable nature. It is created by a family physician, and thus it profoundly understands the problems of medical practices and puts an end to the physician’s miseries. Since its conception, this EMR software has remained one of the most affordable vendors on the market.

Harris Healthcare solutions acquired this comprehensive EHR solution in 2017. This resulted in unprecedented changes in its feature section. With the sole purpose of lessening the clinical burden, it makes it easier for doctors to handle clinical processes. And, most of its tools and services are geared at simplifying the operational tasks to improve clinical efficiency. 

Practitioners must understand how this system handles the clinical workflow. Besides knowing the company’s background you are going to outsource your task too, you have to understand how it functions. It is often an overlooked metric, but today we’ll skillfully get your attention towards this concept. It will help you experience a smooth, professional relationship. 

So,EMR Amazing Charts  is designed from the ground up to simplify clinical activities in and out. No matter what your cup of tea is, it has a solution to all your problems. It focuses on minor tasks like patient check-ins to gigantic tasks like performance reporting. There is no leaf left unturned with this feature-rich platform. 

It boosts clinical efficiency by offering a plethora of customizable functionalities. By getting a chance to customize the services, you can make the most of your clinical procedures. This will enable you to work freely, following the way you seem is best for your practice. It improves the chance of scoring potential customers, generating more revenue. 

This robust software is created to alleviate practitioners’ pain; its features are designed on a holistic approach. Therefore, they are not only focused on the day-to-day operations, but also include the aspect of the patient’s needs. This helps maintain the optimal balance to ensure a well-organized workflow. Given below is the list of its prime features.

Customers put their trust in Amazing Charts EMR for its effective document management. If done manually, processing and editing documents is cumbersome, but it becomes a piece of cake with this software. Its superb voice recognition tool makes it easy to create and edit documents. Also, it offers a document scanning option and automatically uploads the scanned documents on the patient profiles. 

Another feature that integrates the practice’s workflow is how it boosts the patient experience. The software continuously updates the patient portals and ensures patients get the hang of everything from progress notes to lab results. It allows clients to review their treatment plans, view lab results, and communicate with physicians. As a result, it plays a great deal in getting patients to engage in the care treatment. 

This is something that has become an integral part of clinical practices. Now patients want to get treated with ease from the peace of their homes. Amazing Charts pricing offers an innovative telehealth solution at affordable pricing, making its cost worth it. You can use it to break past all the barriers of care treatment. Its virtual care interface even supports ongoing patient monitoring and presents clinical summaries to ensure better care delivery. 

 Handling bills and invoices suck the energy out of medical professionals. Amazing Charts EMR will relieve you of this troublesome task by featuring a solid-budget revenue cycle. It simplifies the billing cycle to instigate a smooth financial process. Not only does it handle bills, but it works on claims scrubbing too. The software scrubs all squeaky claims and thus ensures a 99% first-pass claim rate. It will help increase your clinical revenue, too. 

Amazing Charts provides two separate billing plans for electronic health records and practice management modules. The EHR package costs $199 per month per provider, whereas the PM costs $299 per month per provider, as it is integrated with the EHR module. The downside is this is just a standard pricing plan. So this apparently low-cost software will cost you more for availing services like telehealth, population health, and smart analytics. 

The reviews of Amazing Charts are the best indicator you have of whether it delivers on the promises it makes. Reading user feedback will help you manage your expectations by making you aware of the potential problems or convenience you can face. But you won’t have to go through the extensive list of reviews by yourself. We have done that for you and sorted out the list of pros and cons mentioned in the  Amazing Charts EHR reviews.

Easy to navigate dashboard and user-friendly interface

Complies with HIPAA

Smooth learning curve and easy implementation

Customizability and excellent online customer support

Instant document organization and voice recognition tool

Old-fashioned, which hinders multitasking

The basic version slows down after updates 

Irrelevant information pops up 

Sometimes the log-in software gets stuck. 

The billing module is out of the budget range of small practices 

Amazing Charts EMR software handles billing and documentation management like a pro. These two processes matter the most in ensuring an integrated clinical workflow. In addition, this compelling EMR software is well-equipped with solid features to help practitioners scale their business. With that said, it is indeed a suitable choice for you. But if you need in-depth details, schedule a demo with the vendor.

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