Housing for Father with 4 kids

Housing for Father with 4 kids

From Jessie Butcher

Funds to get a father of four, back on his feet. He's been through the ringer the last few years and every time he turns around it's another disaster. Even with all that, he's stayed alive and sober for 8 years now.

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Hello, let me tell you about Cody and his amazing kids.

Cody is a single father of four. He has three of his children full time and one stays on the weekends. Cody went through a lot, including a separation, the death of a loved one, three of his children being absconded with and not seeing them for years or even knowing where they were, sobriety, depression, company closures, injuries and more.

He finally found his kids and he has them full time.

Unfortunately, he has been unable to get stable enough work, for long enough, without some horridly expensive debt coming up or being injured in some obscure way or the company closing down randomly, to get on his feet in all of this. And I have been here to witness the whole thing. The poor guy turns around and it's like his life is just bashed up over and over, as soon as he thinks it'll be okay... BAM, another thing. Kid can't catch a break.

This has left him in a really bad living situation however and they need far far away from the other roommates.

He can't leave his current job, due to legal issues over the recent injury and he can't get a new job in the meantime, for the very same legal issues... All he wants to do is go back to work (of any sort at this point) so he can make rent and support his kids. He is in the ever irritating situation of L&I, Company Refusal to accept fault, and lawyers from all angles. The worst part is now he's been on medical leave long enough that they're cutting his company insurance... So now everything that the company's ruthless medical group deems not their problem, he has to cover out of pocket to move forward and prove it happened while on site (I still don't understand how this is so difficult, but the company pays so that it is).

Now for the kids. Three have lived a very traumatic life since leaving their dad and coming back. They're in counselling and have the best dad backing them up.

The oldest is on the right track for graduation in two years and has a promising talent for Photography! They love longboarding and anything to do with music, photography and art.

The second is a delightful little goth with a pension for art. Darn good at it too. Heading into their Freshman year with the world ahead of them.

The third is a kid that would protect the world of they could. They're mid-way through middle school and they've got great grades & a promising football career, should they choose to play through (after spending years being told they couldn't do full contact sports).

The youngest is feeling out life on their way to the great big world of adulthood. They've gone from Basketball dreams to Cheerleading as they enter middle school. They hope to live in Japan with their best friends when they all head off to college.

This fund is so that Cody is not forced to spend another year with the adults he and his children share a space with. This fund would give them the ability to get into a new place and not worry for a couple months while all the medical and job issues get figured out. This has truly become an oppressive and abusive situation for them. Please help them get out of this and on to being in a good space where they can heal and hopefully where life can have a chance to turn around for all of them.

In all of this, this man has made sure to keep his kids in counseling, stay alive and sober, be a great sports & arts dad, and just all around supportive to all his babies. I don't know how he does it, but he does it, even with the world's boot on his back.

Thank you.

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