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HOC is raising funds to purchase our weekly groceries and supplies to provide meals and essentials to Houston's houseless communities. The $30k goal is to account for our weekly expenditure of $625 for 1 year.

Houseless Organizing Coalition

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The HOC is a revolutionary coalition fully operated by BIPOC organizers with a majority of our members being queer, women, nonbinary, and femmes.

We are organizing and building dual power within Houston's houseless community. This program seeks to build an infrastructure of mutual aid, allowing for material relief within the increasingly harsh conditions of capitalism.

  • We operate on a weekly basis, with some exceptions, and are fully supported by cash and supply donations from our organizers and supporters. 
  • We operate under the principle of preparing food we would want to eat, and providing supplies based on the needs and wants of houseless comrades.
  • Our primary focus is on the urgent needs and safety of women and nonbinary comrades.
  • We aim to put structures in place that meet working class and houseless people's needs. We recognize the inability of the settler-colonial state to secure food, water, and shelter for all people, as it is in contradiction with the very nature of its violent inception.
  • We see the use of mutual aid organizing as a tool, rather than an end in and of itself, as part of a broader organizing effort to build dual power and work towards our collective liberation.
  • We recognize houselessness as a necessary byproduct of the capitalist mode of production sustained through deeply woven, interlocking systems of oppression of class, race, gender, sexuality, and ability. HOC works to dismantle these predatory formations within the spaces we occupy, amongst volunteers as well as comrades experiencing houselessness. 


Our goal of $2500 per month will support our weekly efforts of providing homecooked meals, hygiene products, water, PPE, toiletries, as well as miscellaneous costs associated with HOC's operations (storage unit for donations and cooking supplies).

Any additional funds will be allocated appropriately through a collective decision making process. For example, we've raised money for safety supplies for queer, women, and nonbinary houseless members who are vulnerable to gendered violence. We have also purchased tents for our houseless comrades.

Please consider donating monthly and join our mutual aid efforts. Thank you for your generosity.

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