Housebound and need Laptop to do Freelance Home Jobs

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Housebound and need Laptop to do Freelance Home Jobs

From Andy Carter

I am raising money to be able to work from home, however I need a new laptop, prefer high speed able to cope with plans and photo editing, hence the high cost. I am disabled and housebound,that’s why I need to be at home

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Hi Supporters, I am Andy 42 from a little village just outside of Bristol in UK.


I know I am asking for a lot of money here, I need a decent (ok expensive) laptop as the kind of work that I will be taking on ranges from design, architecture, schematics, all in the name of Facilities Management and Project Management.  I also use regular software that I already possess Microsoft Office is one, Lightroom for photography editing and other photography based applications.  I would need a laptop as due to being housebound in a very small 1 bed flat, being light and portable is good.I am disabled with various conditions, and over the last 5 years due to my shaking and vision becoming worse, I have recently  increased the insurance policy for accidental damage. I have spent money on cheaper, more heavier machines only to drop them the next day from shaking, and having no insurance cover.  I can’t see screenshots properly due to vision issues, I am wearing glasses more, but often misplaced them and end up squinting at my screen and as they are usually from places where I cannot return them I have to sell on to try and buy new ones, with much bigger screens and better resolution. 

I keep thinking if I’d bought the better one at the start I would not be in the mess now.I am currently renting a laptop, not even a fast or great one, it’s very slow often locks up and restarts right in the middle of my work, which is the point I want to throw it in frustration, if I had the energy I’d be tempted to, can’t afford to though.  I need to give this one back, as if I had saved that money from beginning I would again have something better now.I would like to state that I do have a very poor and bad credit rating due to being silly when I was a teenager with plenty of credit.  I cannot get anything on credit anymore due to this.I am in desperate need of your help, so that I can carry on working, if I do manage to get the money I need and there is any left over, I will put it towards helping the community with supporting the young and elderly get help with computers.  I am myself a good trainer and could do small classes at home, would have to be one on one due to the size of my flat, but I would like to give back, even donations back to other similar projects on Fundly to help others like me would make me and hopefully you know that the money is being used in the right way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Andy Carter

Using my initiative to get off benefits and back into work even though I’m disabled and housebound 

PS:- Some of the laptops I have looked at state free games etc, I would sell these as I’m not a gamer and put money back into charitable donations or into the local community as it’s definitely needed.

Pictures included are what I would like to get and yes they range into the thousands but the type of work I am going to be doing requires this type of tech to do it correctly.  The current machine stops working on the mention of what I want to do.

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